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Why would someone need, or opt to have all of their teeth pulled?

Asked by Kardamom (31188points) June 8th, 2019 from iPhone

I have found out recently that two people who I know have recently had all of their teeth pulled. No other information was given. One friend is in her
60s and one relative is in her 70s.

As far as I know, both will be getting dentures, and not implants, due to the astronomical cost.

What is your knowledge, or experience with having your entire set of teeth removed?

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I also fear that two other friends of mine who have completely rotted teeth, including several missing teeth, are headed for the same fate.

I have tried to steer them towards free dental care, but have received no response.

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Unless horribly obvious I would want a second opinion.

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One of our own jellies had all of his pulled, in a beginning phase of a cancer treatment.

I would think that if most/all teeth are in terrible condition, that may be a feasible reason as well.

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This is what is done before one gets dentures.

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One of my neighbors is a dentist. Apparently now days, getting dentures is not only a lot cheaper but they just as good. It’s no longer like the dentures most have had over the last 100 years or so. The new dentures also come with 2 or 3 implants that anchors them to the gums & they only cost $5K instead of $50K. Many elderly women don’t have the income to spare $45K when there is a cheaper doable option. With the free clinic, you get what you pay for. They’re going to give you cheap dentures with little to no followup on adjusting them to your mouth. They will hurt you every day for the remainder of your life. Plus, as you age, your gums shrink & they will no longer fit properly. Hence, you end up having to get another set of dentures & retraining of the gums to accept them…even more pain. With the implanted dentures, the dentist adjust them as often as necessary until they are almost comfortable & once the implants are put in they no longer rub the gums so much less pain & the implants slows down the shrinking gum problem. Some dentists refuse to do the traditional implants on people who come to them with rotten teeth because implants need similar care as natural teeth need & the dentist feels that since you didn’t take care of your natural teeth, there’s a greater chance that you won’t take care of the implants as well & they will only give you the option of dentures with minimal implants. So, sometimes the newer dentures with included implants are considered the better option than individual implants & is what is offered to the patient.

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If many of their teeth are loose they may opt to have them all
pulled to get dentures. Some people get the implants.

The roots of the teeth or the bone can become weak or decayed and then the teeth aren’t secure like they were, it makes it hard to eat obviously, and can cause pain.

Cancer treatment is one reason. Also, smokers tend to have a lot of problems. Aging also can take its toll.

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I knew a guy who had some kind of gum disease and had to have all of his teeth removed, even though they were all good. I think he said it was some kind of heredity thing…

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My DIL had to do that at age 33 because many of her teeth had decayed so badly they wore down to the gums or were falling apart. We loaned her the money, which was a total of $26,000 for multiple visits and treatments over the year. She is much healthier now, and very proud of her new teeth.

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An acquaintance heard voices in his teeth telling him to pull them. He doctor shopped until he found a less than repirutal one who did it for free with social assistance.

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