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Has anyone ever refused the oath of office?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16399points) June 9th, 2019

What would happen then? Any district any country.

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It seems that Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema refused the oath IF she had to place her hand on a Bible. Instead, she took her oath by placing her hand on a book containing the US & Arizona Constitutions. Since she has NO religious affiliation, I feel that she was in her right to request something other than a Bible for her oath!!!

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I was just told off line that Jan Riemer refused to wear a fur robe for her neck. She was mayor of Edmonton in October 16, 1989 – October 16, 1995. Nothing bad happened.

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@RedDeerGuy1 According to Wiki In a controversial move, she refused to wear the city’s ceremonial chain of office, which was made from a beaver pelt. PLUS…Reimer voluntarily refused to accept donations of more than $3,750, and disclosed all donations above $375. These were NOT mandatory limits but limits she set for herself. Not being a Canadian, I had never heard of her until you brought her up. In my opinion, her good points outweighed her bad & I don’t see refusing to wear beaver the same as refusing to take the oath…but, I could be wrong as i know very little about Canadian politics!!! There are many more details with the link.

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There’s no “refuse” to it. No oath of religious affiliation is required (nor even expected) by the Constitution to hold office. Placing one’s hand on the Bible is an opt-in, not an opt-out.

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The Civil War general William Tecumseh Sherman was suggested as a possible Republican candidate for president. He famously said, I will not accept if nominated and will not serve if elected. Not surprisingly, he was neither nominated nor elected, but if he had been elected, he presumably would have refused the oath of office.

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Some Mennonite groups have refused to swear on Bibles or invoking God’s name in trials or public office.

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