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Why is Trump scowling and pouting in virtually every picture that's shown of him?

Asked by Dutchess_lll (8728points) June 9th, 2019

On his England tour for example. He’s just scowling all the time and the Queen doesn’t look too happy either.

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I’ve wondered that myself. My guess is that if the closest people around you have an ulterior motive and everyone finds you unlikeable, you would have the same expression.

Think about it…don’t most people surround themselves with people who make them laugh and smile?

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I wonder if he thinks it makes him look tough and intimidating. He looks like a petulant child IMO.

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Because he would rather be at home back in the white house, watching cartoons fox news and masturbate to pictures of his sister daughter.

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It reflects Trump’s love for the world and all that it contains.

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The as t is what gets used.
I see lots of pictures with him smiling, and laughing, including several with HRH.

I suppose nobody watched the live feed of his round table with border patrol and various other officials.
He was attentive and involved, and smiled encouragingly to a couple of people who seemed nervous about speaking.
The white house has a separate fb account from POTUS. They post much of his current events, daily schedule, and public engagements. If you check it out, you will see an abundance of smiles.

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Because of the websites you visit. Left leaning websites search for the pictures that make him look angry or foolish. I’m willing to bet that constitutes the majority of the sources you see.

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I don’t visit left leaning websites. That would go against every decent thing in me that wants to know the truth, not just what I want to hear.
In the pictures with the queen all I saw I saw was a spoiled little boy trying to act tough…or something.

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First of all, HE has PLENTY to scowl about. Mr. Rogers he definitely is NOT.

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I seriously think he’s a pussy who thinks that scowling makes him look tough because he has no idea what being tough is because he’s a pussy.

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If I had thousands of people criticizing me all the time and making up lies about me like “he can’t read” and/or “he wears a wig” when he’s a college graduate I’d be scowling too. Besides; he has got to be tired.

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That’s funny @Aster. I hadn’t heard the “He wears a wig,” rumor though. I agree. It’s silly. If he wore a wig he wouldn’t wear such a stupid looking one. I don’t get the connection between wearing a wig and being a college graduate, though.
Obama had plenty of lies told about him, but you never found him pouting about it. ALL the presidents had lies and rumors circulating about them. Trump is the only one who stamps his feet and cries and whines and takes his toys and goes home and slams his bedroom door about it.

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Trump is not trained as a politician. He has a great many talents, but deflecting the painful rhetoric is something he is having difficulty with.
I have seen pics of him with the queen and smiling, but he is remaining serious most of the time.
Donald has said over several years that he has deep respect for the queen. I imagine some of it is simply feeling awestruck, and focusing on her every word.

Last year they had a tea together. She liked that time very much. This is known, because she is very punctual. Also, she calls things short if she is having an unpleasant time. She stayed at that tea an extra seventeen minutes, which is very significant for her.
HRH is the type who, if he indicated a willingness, she would coach him on etiquette.

HRH is bulletproof. If anybody could teach the president how to become immune to the hate, it would be her.

With American press being plenty happy to post unflattering pictures of Trump, your best bet for finding a smile user-generated the British press. They have a few favorable stills and video shots of him.

By the way, on one coverage of his visit they mentioned that the reason he declared that there were only a few protestors, is because his itinerary was intentionally set up so he would not see protests. He didn’t know they were there.

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Well that solution was clearly absent this last trip as every landmark in London sported derogatory images of the fool with a virulence unheard of for an American President. The vehemence leveled at the dummy will be dismissed by dupes as inventions of fake news mainstream media, but it’s refreshing that my perceptions of the moron are so vigorously reinforced by so substantial a percentage of Her Majesty’s subjects.

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So his handlers made sure he didn’t see the protesters @Patty_Melt? Why? Does he not have the maturity to handle it?

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The Brits were the ones who set up his schedule while he’s there. It was they who wanted to cover the embarrassment that an invited guest was being treated so badly.
Her Majesty doesn’t like it when citizens make her look bad.

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The entire fucking world is making fun of him @Patty_Melt
He’s a joke. He’s an idiot and there is no escaping that. But go in back to the sensory deprivation cave you came from.

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The UK, its people, its government and the Royal Family were put in the awkward position of welcoming the US president while rejecting Donald Trump. The entire nation endured his visit with gritted teeth.

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I answered a question honestly and with much detail, and you act like a cackling hyena over it?

Your counting is quite off, by the way.

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