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Must cufflinks be worn with a french cuff shirt? Are they the only thing that is acceptable to hold the cuff together?

Asked by rovdog (842points) July 29th, 2007

Is it appropriate at all to wear the rubbery ball things that sometimes come with shirt? Would you judge someone poorly for wearing a french cuff shirt in an informal situation? Could this informal situation be the perfect time to wear the rubbery things to not look snooty or would this just be a big fashion faux pas in any content?

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It is a fashon faux pas to not wear cuff links. There are many informal cuff links that you can by that are quite inexpensive.

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I think if you go to the trouble of wearing a nice shirt, you should wear nice cuff links also. You would be dressing down a nice shirt, and you would probably feel more conspicuous. Besides, wearing nice "links" will let you show a little attitude....have fun.

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If you can't afford nice cufflinks, buy some silk knots. They're perfectly acceptable, and you can use them to subtly match the colors in a tie, a pocket square or socks. They sell them in sets of three for around 12 bucks (, Charles Tyrwhitt, etc.)

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Ahh, I think that's what I was thinking about- silk knots. I suppose these are different from the things that come with the shirt. Thank you. I do have one very nice pair of cufflinks, but I feel strange wearing them unless it's a very formal event. No, I think dressing down a nice shirt is exactly what I want to do, but thank you for the suggestion. Silk knots it is.

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