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What is the most effective sleeping pill out there?

Asked by Aster (19546points) June 11th, 2019

I am sleeping about three hours a night; I don’t dare drive anywhere. The doctor prescribed Restoril (Temazepam) and it did nothing but make me feel weird. This is what happened to my grandson with the same drug. I don’t want to get into a regular get dressed and drive up there to be questioned routine. What is the best relaxant? I’m talking PILLS here; not hot milk. Over the counter answers are welcomed.

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Go see a “Sleep Doctor” at you local hospital because, “Good sleep is essential to good health, but sometimes getting quality sleep can be a challenge. Everyone at one time or another has experienced trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or feeling sleepy during the day. People with a sleep disorder experience these and more serious symptoms frequently. There are nearly 85 known sleep disorders. One in three people have a sleep disorder, yet 95% of these disorders remain undiagnosed and untreated.” from website of local medical center.

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My husband has major sleeping issues, or did, still does at times. After seizures, RLS and a sleep study, along with neuro testing, the combo that works for him is amitriptyline (50mg) and a xanax (1mg) around 6p.

My girlfriend uses melatonin.

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My melatonin and benedryl just quit working!! Will google that amitriptyline and thanks.

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Ok. The most effective sleeping pill maybe is non-existent. My friend recently was in ICU and almost died because of taking a variety of sleeping pills, most of it Ambien.

For several years he left unheeded warnings from friends and family about the dangers of sleeping pill “cocktails” he would rely on to get enough “good sleep” —— until one day his brain just shut down and he had no idea what he was saying.

At the hospital he knew our names but it was obvious his normal self was gone. It was terrifying to see that. Luckily he survived and regained his cognitive skills. He isn’t taking any kind of sleeping pills anymore.

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Although not listed anywhere as a sleeping pill, I’ve found that taking Black Cherry supplement capsules will relax me & I sleep a lot better without feeling hung over the next day. You can also get the supplement in liquid form. I’ve never tried the liquid but assume it would work the same. Most vitamin shops carry the supplement & GNC carries it too. I bought mine online but don’t remember at which site. It was probably Amazon as that’s where I spend most of my online money.

A hot cup of chamomile tea will help you to relax also but I didn’t sleep as well with the tea but did relax better!!!

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Did your doctor do some basic bloodwork yet?

Have you tried Ambien?

Do you exercise?

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You could give CBTI a try – that’s a cognitive behaviour therapy protocol specifically for insomnia. Here’s an article about it.

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All sleeping pills are addictive. All of them.

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The answer maybe a CPAP machine; not more drugs.

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I agree with the addictive statement.

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I detest Ambien. I took it twenty years ago for a couple of weeks and I can’t imagine any drug being any more addictive.
Last night I took 25mg of Benedryl and one mg of Melatonin and slept like a rock until two thirty a.m. I was asleep at eight thirty pm. So today I’m a zombie as usual.
The physician’s assistant prescribed Restoril. I took it for two nights and threw the remainder…no; I flushed them. Made me feel horrible.
My s/o is very understanding and sweet. He brings dinner home when I ask him. He never mentions the kitchen mess. Very nice man.

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@Aster What about not forcing it and and going to bed when you are actually sleepy? Or, are you sleepy and just can’t sleep?

Have they done bloodwork? Do you drink caffeine at night? Do you drink any alcohol?

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I would never drink caffeine after 2pm . I drink decaf in the morning. I do not touch any alcohol. I turn the light off when I’m very sleepy and I do and did go right to sleep. I don’t force anything. That certainly wouldn’t work!

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@Aster You said “Last night I took 25mg of Benedryl and one mg of Melatonin and slept like a rock until two thirty a.m. I was asleep at eight thirty pm.” I did that years ago & when I spoke to my doctor about it, he laughed at me & pointed out that I had slept for a good 7 hours & my body just didn’t need any more sleep. He suggested that I stop allowing myself to go to sleep so early. I started pushing myself to stay awake a minimum of 1 hour longer every night until I found a good balance of my sleep time. I got my time worked around to going to bed at midnight & then I woke up between 7 & 8 the next morning more refreshed because I hadn’t stayed awake all night. At first I was unhappy with staying up so late; but when I realized how much better I was feeling, I fell into the routine that worked best for me.

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That is very interesting, Marissa ! I feel I’m too old to change my ways, though. I had six hours sleep and I need at least eight. When I woke at two thirty I could tell my body was dying to go back to sleep. My eyelids were very heavy and I had to close them but, beyond that, as much as I needed to sleep longer , I could not.

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@Aster My grandfather said you need less sleep as you age but if you’re tired, not good.

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You’re never too old to change!!! Don’t know how old you are; but, I’m pushing 70 & I’m changing various habits daily as they no longer work for me & my current situation. Some things are easier to change than others, but they won’t change if I don’t try!!!

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I finally slept eight hours. I had bought doxylamine succinate but only took one and it had no effect. So I was thinking I had read on Amazon about a person who took two so I tried that and it worked well.
-There is no evidence that this drug is addictive.
-This drug has calmative and anti-nausea properties which can be useful in relieving tension and nausea associated with pain.
-Reactions associated with overdosage may vary from central nervous depression to stimulation; stimulation is particularly likely in children.
It feels so strange not to be exhausted and like I’m in a trance with sleepiness.

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Glad you found something that works for you because there’s nothing worse than lack of sleep!!!

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Thank you !

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