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Are milk and juice containers recyclable, if so where or which brands? See detail.

Asked by flo (13313points) June 11th, 2019

Edited to add.
If recyclable where is it the most commonly recycled or which brand? (milk and juice cartons/google images)

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I’m asking because the general answer seems to be you have to ask the city you live in,’s case by case basis, etc.

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Why request a tedious and impossible list of brands? The container should clearly display the recyclable triangle, usually on the bottom. All glass and metal containers are recyclable, as well as those made from paper or cardboard.

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“Are milk and juice containers recyclable[...]?”
– Yes.

”[...] where or which brands?”
”[...] where is it the most commonly recycled or which brand?”
– I don’t get what sort of answers you want or expect to be able to get for this. It varies, in massive detail, from place to place. Some places with take practically all plastic containers. Others only take milk-jug-style containers, some states have refundable deposits on the labels of specific brands, etc, etc.

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Plastic recyclable numbers 1 through 7: Explained

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I agree with asking the company that picks up your recyclables.

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In our town, if it’s marked as “1” or “2” and shaped like a bottle, jug or jar, for example, detergent/milk jugs, soft drink bottles, clean peanut , mayo jars, then YES!
But no crinkly lightweight water bottles!
Check with your trash disposal/recycling company.

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In my area those containers are recyclable and go in the blue box for pickup.

About ⅓ of the time I open the top up and use the container for kitchen waste collection. Then I throw it in the trash.

About ⅓ of the time I rip up the container and use it as starter for my wood burning stove.

The remaining ⅓ of the time go in my recycling bin.

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Interesting. For the first yr.(after recycling started (about 2 decades ago?) I threw them in the garbage because “they’re lined with plastic” or something. Also I thought if it’s a number other than 6 it’s recyclable. I never heard of number 7.

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