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Which deterrent is more painful? Rubber bullets or tasers?

Asked by Aster (19546points) June 12th, 2019

As asked.

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Both can kill you. Do you worry about it?

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Stanley. Do you actually think I would worry about it? Seriously?

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Is it worrying to wonder? Are you looking for a choice? How many of us are in a position to answer you?

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Stanley, just ignore the question. I apologize.

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No. I’m not trying to be mean. And I don’t want to drive you away.

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Don’t tase me bro!

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Such a handsome kitty! Pat him on the head! Which would YOU pick, the bullet or the juice? I would pick the taser for you since you would make a fabulous rug.

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What have you been smokin’ @stanleybmanly, and will you share?!

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I was thinking some sort of substance too!

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I have not experienced either one. But I have heard rubber bullets are painful and can break bones.
Tasers affect nerves and incapacitate immediately. Think of it like the worst electrical shock you’ve ever had. You recover quickly if it’s turned off quickly.

Given a choice I’d take the Taser and would give up immedately.

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I’ll go see.

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Painful or effective?

I believe that Tasers are more effective.

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Both are used in different circumstances. Rubber bullets, are typically utilized in crowd dispersal. Tasers, are more for incapacitating a single person.

Pain would vary greatly on where either was inflicted on the body, and the overall health of the person who was hit by either…
I suppose you could opine, that a taser would inflict pain over the entire body. A rubber bullet, would localize the pain.
If one survives the rubber bullet, there will be longer lasting pain. There will be a deep bruise, and/or possibly broken bone, which would lengthen the suffering.
The taser’s pain, would go away fairly quickly, and the victim would feel more tired, than painful afterwards…

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Best to opt for shotguns loaded with rock salt. Tasers and rubber bullets are for sissies! (There is no better option.)

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