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Do the priests have to live with the anguish of having committed a mortal sin, or is it only the nuns who have to live with this upon their souls?

Asked by Dutchess_III (41807points) June 12th, 2019

Here is a PBS article about nuns having been raped by priests, and forced to have abortions.
The #MeToo movement gave them the courage to start speaking out.

Christopher Livesay:
“So, nuns are forced by the fathers of these children, by priests [who raped them,] to have abortions?”

Lucetta Scaraffia (through translator):
Yes. And these poor women now have to live with the anguish of having committed a mortal sin. We have many testimonies from nuns who had more than one abortion in this way.”

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Only the priests know what is in their hearts and only they have to answer to God for their sins.

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The Catholic Church is the world’s largest raping cartel.

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No kidding. Whose bright idea was it to make sex a sin?

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Sex isn’t a sin in marriage.

If the sex was coerced it isn’t a mortal sin, the nuns will be forgiven by God. Possibly, even the abortion, but that might be pushing it, I don’t know how that would be viewed.

It’s good they are speaking out. The church, not just the Catholic Church, has been an effective place for abusers to hide. It’s horrible that church authorities don’t bring in the police, and try to quiet it.

If there was no such thing as birth control and I saw women and men get sick from sex, I too might say it’s against God to have sex unwed if it was 5000 or 2000 years ago. It’s not a big stretch to see why since it has health and social impact. Just like maybe kosher rules helped with some health risks related to foods.

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@JLeslie…. did you not read any of it, or the details. They were raped. They were forced to have abortions.
They were nuns. Nuns don’t have birth control because they didn’t expect to have sex, much less be raped.

The question is, are the nuns the only one with the mortal sin of having had an abortion on their soul, or do the priests have the same mortal sin on their soul.

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^^Did you read the question?

Rape is a mortal sin. I don’t see why the Priests would forgiven.

Coercing a woman to abort is right up there too with being a grave sin.

Some priests might have anguish, and some might be sociopaths. We don’t know.

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I wrote the question.

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I am glad they are speaking up about it, but I find it fascinating that the women themselves STILL seem to believe that they are the ones who committed the sin of abortion as though the men get off Scot free on all counts.
The women have to suffer the anguish. Not the men.

“Lucetta Scaraffia (through translator):

Yes. And these poor women now have to live with the anguish of having committed a mortal sin. We have many testimonies from nuns who had more than one abortion in this way.”

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I’m not a Catholic – never wanted to be – although I have known many good ones.

To answer your question:

I don’t think that priest rapists have any anguish at all. They might maybe feel a twinge of conscience on their deathbeds .. maybe. But in every day life, none at all.

If they were decent caring people they wouldn’t have raped in the first place.

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Plus everyone blamed the women. One of them told their Mother Superior and MS started screaming at her, told her to leave the priest.alone because she.was dangerous for him….

This situation is a good one post on KNOWITALL’s.Q about religion running the country.

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Why should it be so different in the church than outside of the church? Women are blamed for everything, even by other women, and they blame themselves. Women are compliant and submissive even when it goes against their better judgement. Women regret when they don’t do what they know is right. Women regret even when they had no choice, like when they are attacked, they still wonder what they could have done differently. Not all women, but everything I named is not uncommon feelings.

These poor nuns. It’s just awful. I hope the priests they confess to, assuming they will confess, release them from their torment, and self punishment, and their fear of God’s dissatisfaction of them.

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I don’t give a flying fuck about their confession to their imaginary sky daddy. All those cocksuckers need to be prosecuted and put away for a very long time.

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Don’t hold back @Caravanfan! Tell us how you really feel. (I feel.the same way. Thank you.)

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Oh for sure that.

Now, that this information is out the priests better be investigated and prosecuted!

But, I do care that the nuns have peace in their minds and don’t torture themselves.

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Of course not.
They just blame it on Satan and/or the victims for ‘tempting’ them.
For the rest, there is the confessional box. Daddy Father, I have been a naughty boy sinned.”

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@ragingloli Rieading your link, it’s times like these that I hope the Christians, in this case Catholic, are right. That priest will burn in hell if there is a God. He can say whatever he wants, God knows the children are innocent. We all know.

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Religious anguish lies in the minds of the religious, if enough of a guilt complex exists to create said anguish.

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And that ^^^ goes to the heart of my point. Do the men feel the anguish that the women feel, or have we been brainwashed to take full responsibility for all of it…the abortion, the attacks, the rapes…all our fault.

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It’s called the #Nunstoo movement, I believe.

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