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So my phone wont let me conect to the wifi, it woud say that the password is incorect tho it works perfecly with my computer and tv, what can i do its been like this for hours?

Asked by lolfernandia (4points) 1 week ago

i need help

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Make sure your phone is attempting to connect to the same network as your computer and TV. It might be trying to connect to your neighbor’s wi-fi. Also, look at your phone password and make sure your uppercase/lowercase is right. Sometimes passwords look the same even when the case is switched. Good luck

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As well as what @SaganRitual suggested, you might try shutting down your WiFi modem & turning off your phone. Then reboot both of them & maybe during the reboot something that’s not communicating will wake back up. Anytime an electronic product isn’t working, I do a shut down & start up & most of the time it will solve the problem. Then IF it doesn’t, I do more research on what I really need to try next.

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I would be careful if someone is hacking in to get your password? Just a possibility.
I never have TV,Internet & phone interconnected as it takes only one scammer/hacker
to disable ALL.
I have a new TV that came with the instructions to connect it to internet..for the above reasons I chose NOT to do it.

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