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Using only the Constitution, how would you jolt the US back to sanity (details)

Asked by SaganRitual (2072points) June 14th, 2019

The fate of the free world rests on your shoulders. No pressure.

Would you discard the US Constitution and start over? What is/are your foundational principle(s)?

Would you keep the basics and add/repeal amendments? What would you add/repeal?

(Only if you really think the above options are detrimental/useless) Would you keep the Constitution as is, and realign the US through some other means?

Other? Nothing about mass lobotomies allowed.

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Big question there. That’s a poser for sure.
Gimme some time, but love your final sentence.

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I think some clarification is all that is needed. Take what is already written and add in the context behind some of the comments. Take the 2nd Amendment as an example. It was written with a specific goal in mind, with statements that were common at the time of writing. State the purpose.

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Convert to Socialism.

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I think my first actions would be to define in clear, specific terms what is meant by freedom, and that freedom shall never be interpreted as free-for-all.

By the same intentions, I would define the phrase pursuit of happiness.

There are points and language which are archaic, and do not effectively serve the people in current environments. I would want those clarified.

So, my starting point would be to update it before adding or subtracting anything.

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Russia has a constitution, but Putin ignores it.

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There is nothing wrong with the Constitution apart from its assumption that people behave reasonably. It is the people that are wrong. They should all be swept from the continent so that a new wave of immigrants can start afresh and work hard to build a new nation based on the original constitution.

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