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What's your advice to your fellow human beings in Iran (see details)?

Asked by SaganRitual (2072points) June 15th, 2019

There’s someone in Iran who’s just like you. A dad, a mom, big family, small family, annoying little brother, kindly old woman, rich, poor. Devoutly religious, only-when-mom-and-dad-visit-religious, mostly just trying to make a decent life for their families, their kids. Fat, thin, slackers, overachievers, violent, peaceful. Just like you.

Your counterpart in Iran could well die soon, along with his/her family, due to war, and through absolutely no fault of his own. Your counterpart could well find himself unable to feed his family soon, having lost his livelihood due to war, through no fault of his own. Where will he/she go, with spouse and children? What kind of life can they have after they’ve fled war? Will they live out their days in refugee camps, in countries already groaning under the burden of war refugees?

What advice and/or comments do you have for your counterpart in Iran?

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The excrement, is about to hit the oscillator…

I would try to leave, if I thought war was imminent, with the US. Not a lot of choices, in where to go though. I would go, and hope to return, when the war was over…

If the US brings it’s full military weight down on Iran, not a half attempt like regime change, it would be cataclysmic. If the US saw every Iranian as an enemy, they could level every city, and then occupy the country for years, maybe decades. We’ve seen how that goes… It would never be the same…

If Iran was fighting just Saudi Arabia, and/or Israel, I’d probably stay, and try to defend the homeland. But I’d try to get my family out first…

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There is no Allah!

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Get outta Doge.

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Stop voting for idiots.
(This also applies to people in a lot of other countries too – UK, the US, Russia etc etc).

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You aren’t supposed to get that far in your thinking. What’s wrong with you? Affix a LARGE American flag to the ceiling in your bedroom, and let it be the first and last thing you see daily.

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Speak out against what is wrong.
If the American President sees opposition to bad things in Iran, they may not end up glowing.

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Offer Trump some prime real estate in Isfahan to build a golf course.

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They are not like me.
I have known several Iranians personally.
I like none of those I met, and I don’t trust a single one.
They have a completely different value on human life, and will sacrifice any other human’s life or happiness for their own. None of the people I met from that country spend much time not thinking of how they can make someone else’s stuff their stuff.

If there is anyone like me in Iran, I am so sorry for her, because she is surrounded.

I thought I made friends, and found out friendship was only a step in a plan which ruined a town where they had been welcomed.

If during any of the decades between meeting the first person I’ve known from Iran, and now, I had seen any hint that there were people from there who did not see friendship as a trait of weakness to be used for personal gain, I might believe there are some to care about.
None have ever proved my observations wrong.

I won’t mention any of this again. There is nothing to debate. It is an opinion formed out of personal experience. I just put my say here so it can be seen how at least one person feels.
If anybody here has personal experience which is/was better, then fine. I’m glad for them.
If this post hurts anyone’s feelings, I’m sorry. I’m not a hater. I am, however, resentful of evil I have seen and experienced.

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“They are not like me. I have known several Iranians personally.”

If there is anyone like me in Iran, I am so sorry for her, because she is surrounded.”

If you know 500 Iranians, you know 0.000625%.

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@Patty_Melt Thanks for speaking up. It doesn’t matter to me whether you’re “right” or “wrong” about it. I’m glad to learn things I didn’t know. And wow, I am really sorry for what you have gone through because of those people.

I’m never interested in trying to change someone’s mind, but I offer one datum in case it’s useful to you at all.

I recently did a terrible thing to a young man in Pakistan. It’s a long story, but it’s similar to the situation where a spy goes and becomes friends with the people he’s spying on, and grows to love them, and allows them to love him, yet remains faithful to his employer.

It was that kind of betrayal I inflicted on my Pakistani friend. It was that kind of betrayal that he experienced, and probably still does experience. We loved each other very much. I worry often that he will have a very negative view of Americans, and especially of the non-religious, based entirely on my mistreatment of him.

You have a larger sample size than I do, admittedly. So, take it for what it’s worth. Peace

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