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Do you know some TV series where intelligence, facts and logic, although with maybe dramatic license, rule over emotions and bonds?

Asked by luigirovatti (2325points) June 15th, 2019

Don’t take it personally, I just want to make the best of this question, and the best of all I can get from TV entertainment.

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Kyle XY. Is a good series.

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Do you mean at the level of the writers, the plot, the themes, the cause & effect, or the choices of (some of) the characters, or something else?

Do you just want intelligent writing by writers who care about facts and logic, but who still write about characters who may act based on emotions? If so:
Breaking Bad
Better Call Saul
Gentleman Jack
The Amazing Mrs. Maisel

Or do you want a story about characters who make intelligent decisions based on facts and logic rather than the characters’ emotions and bonds?

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The West Wing

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Star Trek.

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I was just going to say Star Trek.

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Perry Mason
Boston Legal
Sports Night

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Yes, definitely Star Trek — and stoic detectives like Sherlock Holmes. And the many medical/crime forensic type series.

It is interesting how people can care about people without loving them and feelings being part of the plot. Mr. Spock and Sherlock Holmes are very likeable and helpful but not ruled by emotion or gushy feelings—only facts and logic.

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The Prisoner.

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Bones, every attempt at sentimentality gets shut down and focused on forensics.

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Star Trek…creased up over that :D

Trump’s The Apprentice is the perfect example…no really.

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Major Crimes

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Midsomer Murders, a charming BBC crime show, streams on Netflix.
Also on Netflix streaming, White Collar, and Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.

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House – until they get into his addiction full time. It skews at that point.

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