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Is a computer tower furniture?

Asked by YARNLADY (44092points) June 16th, 2019

My cousin told her roommate she could take all the furniture when she moved out Roommate took the furniture and the computer (also all the dishes,pots and pans) Cousin is now mad.

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The CPU? No. Furniture is furniture, not electronic devices, pots and pans, dishes, etc. Now, furnishings (everything) might be a different matter…
But the exact definition is not too exact. Possibly a misunderstanding has taken place, something that should have been precisely defined.

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Only if it is broken and being used as a coffee table.

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Not to me, but I can understand why there might be a miscommunication. Had your cousin already removed their clothing and other personal items?

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Cousin should have been more specific. Did she get her stuff bsck?

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In no way is that furniture.

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@stanleybmanly Yes, luckily they remained friends, and she returned the disputed items.

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No, dishes and computer and its accessories are not.

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Who bought the computer?

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@Dutchess_lll That’s what I was going to ask, more or less, doesn’t the computer belong to an individual?

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Yes it does.

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I believe their finances were shared before they broke up

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Well sounds like they need a mediator.

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They don’t need a mediator if the cousin got her stuff back. What was needed at the outset was clarity on what’s up for grabs. The roommate was stuck with packing, removing, then returning the cousin’s belongings, so logic dictates that the roommate did not take the offer literally, but interpreted it as “I’m dumping my stuff. Help yourself.” Personally, it might be well worth the sacrifice of one’s furniture to rid oneself of the consequences of a close interpersonal relationship with someone so obtuse. As it is, your cousin received a nearly painless lesson on the possible difficulties involved with assuming the perceptive parameters of others.

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