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How many people on your side of the political chasm fit the caricatures and stereotypes promulgated by the other side?

Asked by SaganRitual (2072points) June 17th, 2019

Wall-supporters, do you personally know any racists? As in, anyone who would let all the immigrants in if they were white. Social safety net supporters, do you personally know anyone who wants to give iPhones to all the freeloading poor?

Those are just examples. Use your imagination. How many people do you know who fit any/all of those crazy stereotypes that the other side is always going on about? How many people do you know on the other side who fit your side’s stereotypes? What’s your guess about the percentage of people on the other side who are really as nutty/evil/stupid/etc as you and yours think they are?

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Well most of the dems on “my side” are educated, thoughtful, intelligent and compassionate . Also they write well. They can even spell.

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I literally unironically want to make everyone equally poor and miserable, and to guillotine all rich people. I also hate freedom, and love slavery.

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Not very many. There are too many others that fit in between.

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I know only one racist. We have had some real fierce interactions over it. However, I don’t think he wants illegal persons streaming across the border no matter what color their skin, and that much applies to myself and my friends.

I’m not wealthy, and neither are any of my friends.

My democrat friends all dumped our friendships over my Trump support except one. I can’t believe they could go from friends for decades to hateful so easily.
My dad is gone now, but he was an equal opportunity hater. I took some beatings over comments I made.

I have some fair-weather friends, and some that are very loving and generous people.

My one remaining democrat friend, and I, just never talk politics.

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There are some people who share my views on free speech who are the same type of people who would tout “white pride” or “straight pride”, which is embarrassing and unfortunate. But it’s not most.

There are also gun nuts who sympathize with a lot of my views, but I don’t give two shits about guns myself (in either direction. I’m just very neutral about them).

But I’m a moderate so I don’t really have a “side”. I can only see how people who share certain views mesh. I don’t know any moderates who are fence-sitting pussies, despite the stereotype.

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I know a lot of wall supporters, it’s the majority in my area.
There are plenty of racists, too, not many that I know personally anymore.
There are programs who specifically offer phones to low income families who meet the criteria, on Facebook all the time with the week’s location.

You can say nutty/evil/stupid all you like, typical Dem name-calling on this site, but they exist and I agree with them for the most part. Welcome to the echo chamber of denial.

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@KNOWITALL He’s asking if people on your side are nutty/evil/stupid like the other side claims. In other words, Democrats think Republicans are like that, Republicans think Democrats are like that, and he’s asking if the people you know are actually like that. He’s not calling anyone that.

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@Demosthenes Oh okay, after re-reading, I see your point.

@Sagan Most people I know here are Republicans, and they are good people, some even great people. I won’t defend all Reps, because that’s ridiculous (especially on this site), but yes many are good people, just like my Dem friends.

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I don’t know one Democrat who supports killing a 9 month fetus, yet the religious right states liberals will kill a baby one day before the due date. Vicious lie.

I do know one person who is a socialist, he’s not a friend, just someone I know.

I know several Democrats who are in favor of free medical care and free university education, but I’m not sure that is extreme enough for this Q?

I know personally a few liberals who constantly use words like Cheetoh, orange man, call republicans racist, homophobes, and all sorts of names constantly and I hate it. I know republicans who use libtard, and other name calling constantly and I hate that too. None of these people are close friends of mine or family.

Of the Republicans I know, yes I know a couple who are racist. They think black people can’t be taught, destroy themselves, and hurt the country.

Worth saying the I have a lot of Republican friends and they are not racist. Probably at least half of my friends are Republicans, I dint think they ever thought twice about my husband being Mexican. I do have an acquaintance here who when she found out asked me how he came here. That was weird. I wasn’t sure if she was being awful, or maybe just ignorant, maybe she doesn’t know many Mexicans. She’s very friendly with me, so maybe she was just trying to learn about it? Not sure.

I know some Republicans who were very against gay rights issues like gay marriage and gays in the military. They said some really stupid things some of them. Like, gay men can’t be in the military because what if a gay man comes on to someone in his bunk at night? Total idiots.

I met a Republican in my neighborhood in TN who in the first 5 minutes of knowing me that she doesn’t go to Walmart to often, too many blacks and Mexicans. Then she paused and said the Mexicans weren’t too bad. Idiot. The next time I saw her I went ahead and squeezed in my husband was Mexican. I wonder if she remembered what she had said to me.

I know plenty of Republicans who think atheists are bad people.

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@JLeslie Illinois’s new pro-abortion law has drawn outrage from all across the country. It strips away all legal protections for unborn babies and allows them to be aborted for basically any reason up to birth.

Polls consistently show that a strong majority of Americans oppose late-term abortions. According to a national poll conducted by Marist University, three in four Americans (75 percent) say abortion should be limited to – at most – the first three months of pregnancy.

ome people continue to doubt that late-term, elective abortions are legal in the U.S., but even the Washington Post, which has a pro-abortion slant, confirmed this to be true in 2017. Calling it “a bit surprising,” the newspaper fact checker said it is true that the U.S. is one of only seven countries in the world that allows elective abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

^This is what we find heinous. I mean it’s a fact, so I don’t really understand why you’d call it a ‘vicious lie’.

Your friend probably wanted to know if your husband is here legally, because it’s the law.

I’m sorry you find the difference of opinions and beliefs worthy of name-calling.

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I need to clarify that being in the Bible belt, many of the people around here are conservative. Interestingly, most do not support trump (smart) but they are conservative. I don’t talk politics IRL.
When I say “On my side,” I thinking about people on Facebook.

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@KNOWITALL Sometimes the law is to protect women and doctors, and has little to do with babies being killed, because no one is killing viable health fetuses. The Supreme Court already ruled on that a long time ago, the cut off is 24 weeks I think, but don’t quote me. Democrats aren’t fighting to kill healthy full term babies, that’s just total bullshit. State laws don’t change the overseeing federal laws of the land. The Republicans are twisting things.

Limiting to the first 3 months isn’t enough if they don’t include when the fetus has something seriously wrong. A lot of problems are discovered in the 4th and 5th month, but we are getting better about detecting problems earlier.

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Pretty well none of the conservatives I know personally fit the stereotypes pushed by the left. About a quarter to a third of the liberals I know meet the stereotypes pushed by the right. I work and am around engineers, scientists and trade workers mainly. They are all generally center-right. A good number even voted for Trump. My extended family consists of mostly scientists, engineers or professional musicians. They’re mixed but center leaning. My mother was involved in theater so she is the odd one out. There are some petty disagreements on political issues but nothing huge. The common thread of the people I’m close to is they are intelligent, middle class and center leaning on average. The “divide” I see much more in lower income and in depressed areas. I also see it in people who are frankly not very self aware and are strict followers. Where I live people who are politically polarized share the same personality regardless of the “side” they are on. They’re angry and/or depressed, they blame others for their situation regardless if it’s true or not and they lack something important to focus their energy on outside of their tribal political identity. They also seem to have low self esteem. They’ll follow whatever the prevailing view is of the people around them.

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@KNOWITALL I just now read that Illinois bill. It doesn’t indicate a maximum developmental age for the abortion to take place. I would think, as you probably do, that this opens the door for late-term abortions. But I notice this language in the bill: “Nothing about this act shall be construed to undermine the supreme legislative power exercised by the Senate and House of Representatives…”

I don’t know what that supreme legislative power entails, but there seems to be some meaning in the fact that such language is included, while there is no language indicating a repeal of any earlier regulations. It seems possible to me that earlier regulations do have some limits that wouldn’t be overridden by this new law. Possible—I don’t know anything about anything.

Now, CNN says the bill repeals earlier abortion laws, but I saw no such language. And I know from personal experience that news organizations are not entirely reliable in their descriptions of legislation.

I’m not making any point, by the way. I don’t do the mind-changing thing. I’m just putting the information out there, for everyone. Peace

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@ARE_you_kidding_me “Where I live people who are politically polarized share the same personality regardless of the “side” they are on. They’re angry and/or depressed, they blame others for their situation regardless if it’s true or not and they lack something important to focus their energy on outside of their tribal political identity.”

That’s been my experience as well. I see the same traits: the chip on the shoulder, the faulting “others” for their problems, whether it’s illegals or white men or “the elites” or Hollywood, etc. It doesn’t seem to matter which side they’re on, the tribal mindset is the same.

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@JLeslie I absolutely believe you are being deceived.

“Every Senate Democrat running for president has endorsed the Women’s Health Protection Act. When Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren were asked this week if abortion should ever be illegal, both 2020 presidential candidates dodged the question. Booker told me he’d like to “codify Roe v. Wade,” but when I asked him if any abortion should ever be illegal, he went silent. “You’re a very good, dastardly good, guy,” Booker finally said with a smile when I asked him if his silence should be interpreted as a “no.” Warren simply stuck to her talking point that she wanted to make Roe v. Wade a federal statute when she was asked if any late-term abortion should ever be illegal.

But doctors do perform elective late-term abortions. Dr. LeRoy Carhart was caught on tape saying he’d perform “purely elective” abortions up until 28 weeks into pregnancy. Another doctor named James Pendergraft has said he’d perform even later abortions under an “anxiety and stress” health exception. Dr. Cesare Santangelo said he would let an infant born alive at 24 weeks after an attempted abortion suffocate to death. Dr. Steve Brigham kept a freezer full of aborted babies, one as old as 36 weeks. Some infants born at 22 weeks grow up to be healthy children and adults.

And of course there was Dr. Kermit Gosnell, who had likely murdered hundreds of infants born alive, in addition to the three murders for which there was enough evidence to convict him.”

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“Illinois abortion laws prohibit the abortion of a viable fetus (one which can live outside of the womb), while requiring parental notification for a minor’s abortion at least 48 hours prior to the procedure. This is satisfied if notice is provided to an adult family member (parent, grandparent, stepparent). The adult family member does not have to give their permission for the minor to have the abortion; the only requirement is that the adult family member must be notified.”

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@KNOWITALL One or two homicidal maniacs does not mean an entire political party of people are for homicide. This is cherry picking.

I just keep thinking go ahead and make it illegal and see what happens. I guess we need to repeat history for some people to remember. You can go to countries now that don’t have abortion, or very limited, and see what happens. Which countries that limit abortion very strictlyl are an example of being prosperous, civilized, and basically what we would called westernized that you would want to live in? Here’s a world map of abortion law, Don’t think that abortion doesn’t have something to do with the wealth, education, and health of a nation.

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@JLeslie We have a different definition of homicide then.

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What will happen is women will start dying from back ally abortions. But that’s not homicide.

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My mom told me if abortion had been legal in the sixties there wouldn’t be a me. So, law prevented at least one.

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@Patty_Melt I’m glad you’re here. :)

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You can’t imagine how much that means to me right now.
Sincerest thanks.

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Your mother TOLD you that @Patty_Melt? Holy shit. I am so sorry…..

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I was in my mid teens at the time.
We don’t talk.
She might be dead now.

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@KNOWITALL And, some pro-lifers have killed some abortion doctors and other people blowing up clinics and shooting people. Should I generalize that to all people who identify as pro-life?

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@JLeslie Frankly I think you’re being a typical liberal today with your name-calling and aggression. It’s rather disappointing.

I know more about Dr. Tiller than you possibly could. This isn’t a fun little project for me, I take it very seriously.

Just remember, all those little girls you kill off means you are not a feminist imo.

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Oh God @Patty_Melt. I was hoping she’d just mentioned it in passing, as a commitment on abortion and not….the way she apparently said it. I am so sorry.

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Where was my name calling?

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She’s retreating to her cave of word ammunition. She just grabs stuff blindly to throw out so don’t take anything she says too personally.

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@JLeslie You were saying total idiots and things earlier with the ‘vicious lies’. I’ll talk to you another day.

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@KNOWITALL I only mean the people starting those rumors and lies, not all the people who believe it to be true. I will agree that it was name calling, but not directed at you, or Republicans in general.

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@JLeslie I dont take it personally, I dont hear you go liberal like that often. Its good to know after all our talks.

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@KNOWITALL I take issue with name calling an entire group, but I guess when it’s a select few I let loose. I believe there are people in both parties who purposefully lie and ignite their base, and I think they are terrible people, and harm our country.

The same way I have been angry at liberals characterizing Republicans as all racist (you know I have defended Republicans on that front) I get really angry when conservatives characterize Democrats as killing fully formed, full term, perfectly healthy viable babies. Pro-life May see an embryo the same as a 9 month baby, but people who are pro-choice generally don’t, and accusing a pro-choice person of being ok with killing a 9 month fetus is just too far. Sure, there might be a person you can find who is ok with it, but it’s just not the general feeling and not the law.

Democrats are t looking to expand Roe V Wade, they are just looking for it to be adhered to. Republicans constantly work at chipping away at it.

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The authoritarians on the left who obsess about identity politics and want to prevent conservatives from speaking at college campuses, probably make up 20% of the left. Most progressives care about the actual issues

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