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How do you feel when you have a dog in your life?

Asked by Ala_sweety (15points) June 19th, 2019

Does your dog bring you more happiness or create some troubles in life?

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It’s hard work to keep everything in order and undoubtedly owning a pet involves certain expenses. Actually it can be costly. However, the pleasure they bring is so much that it is well worth it. I often feel guilty for not really having the suitable amount of space. Other than that, my dogs are the sunshine in my life!

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My dog is a daily source of happiness. Just a little while ago, I was sitting in bed and he watched me for about five minutes, wagging his tail. There was no food involved, just love.

Then we went for a walk, and he lost me because I stepped off to the side for a second. Suddenly I saw him sprinting past at top speed, looking for me. I called him back and he whooshed through my legs like a happy high-speed train. He celebrated our reunion for the remainder of the walk.

That’s two examples from today, and it’s not even noon.

The only trouble he might create is a bit more planning. I can’t just go out for a whole day unless I take him or have a trusted person watch him.

It’s worth it.

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My dogs bring me more happiness than anything else in my life. When I scratch my old gals belly and we stare into eachothers eyes, its very peaceful.

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Constrained. Tied down. If I want to go away for a couple of days, I have to find someone to walk and feed the animal. I can’t be gone for a long full day, because the dog needs to be let out.

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Warm and fuzzy.

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Everything is better…

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Unconditionally loved (though I suspect food is a condition for the love in actuality).

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Some breeds are more protective of “resource people.” But they all still love us, and most would give their lives for us…

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Loved and alive <3

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Depends on the dog!

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Our Buddy is an 18 month old Border Collie & is all of the following :-


Yes, having a dog is a wonderful, rewarding experience but not without its challenges.

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@All We should all put our dog pics as profile pics Friday and meet back here. Lol

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@knowitall Mine already is my puppy.

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@KNOWITALL It’s a date…& they called it puppy love :D

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I’m early but I can’t catch mine together. This is my beautiful old gal soul mate, Embra. Black lab and chow. The most gentle soul I’ve ever met, never bites or uses her mouth, even when my boy gets sassy. My love.

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Delightful members of the family.

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When my dog was between 5 and 14, he was a saint. Oh, but those other years…
WHAT a responsibility!

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