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Ouch! What to do about no see'um bites?

Asked by janbb (59086points) August 26th, 2008

I live in the Northeast. This summer, for the first time, I have been getting bitten by no see’ums in my backyard. Anyone know why they are prevalent in this area now and how to keep them from biting or get them out of the yard? I prefer eco-friendly solutions but am willing to entertain anything (or anyone) that will work!

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Unfortunately, (I live in the NE also.) they are fast and strike when and where you least expect it. I have several bites that are at least a week old. The only eco-friendly solution is a full-body net suit. Here is a particularly fetching one.

One of our fellow Flutherers was going to wear hers at a wedding in the NE, naming no names.

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Can’t imagine why there’s only a limited stock of them! Years ago, I was walking in the woods in the Catlskills and met an old man in full mosquito-proof regalia. I felt like I was in a Lewis Carroll book!

Glad to hear they’re not just a figment of my imagination, but sorry you’re suffering too, Gail.

Global warming in action?? Why isn’t Al Gore a Flutherite?

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I sympathize. They were a huge problem when I lived in Alaska.

Did you know too many no see’um bites can cause organ failure and death?

Personally I have never found anything that works really well. Humorist Jean Shepherd once called citronella “salad dressing for mosquitos.” Currently, I am relatively happy with Avon’s spray stuff.

(I’m gonna get me one of those suits Gail recommended.)

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You could try things like ordering preying mantises and other predator insects, setting up bat boxes and swift next boxes, but I’m afraid you just screwed as far as getting rid of them. Keeping the lawn mowed and the brush cleared and avoiding standing water will probably help the most, but who wants an overly manicured lot, anyway? Let’s hear it for Deet.

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I have no idea how to stop them, or to No See ‘um proof your yard…they are so annoying!

I will say that clear nail polish is your best friend to cover the bites!!

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