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Without looking for the answer - how many died in 9/11?

Asked by Harper1234 (829points) June 21st, 2019

I was watching the History channel about 9/11 and it was really interesting some of the facts I learned about that day I didn’t know. I am sure families are still mourning the loss of their loved ones.
How many would you say died?

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About 3000?
It was not that many.
Compared to the usual 50000 workers and 200000 daily visitors.

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I guess it depends on if you mean the number that were killed outright by the terrorists or the first responders and civilians on the ground that died after the initial strike. I think you also have to consider the people on Flight 93 and on the airliner that hit the Pentagon. I think 3000 is about right, though.

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3,400 (from memory)

Does not include Day 2 and after responders who are dying from exposure to toxic dusts.

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>3K and <4K

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Just under 3000.

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I remember it as just under 3,000.

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I don’t remember any exact numbers, but I think it was something like 3% of the number of Afghani civilians who died as a result of the military response. That is, about 30 dead Afghanis who had nothing to do with it, for every person in the towers. (Afghanis, not Iraqis—that’s a different body count altogether.)

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“Died looking for answers?”

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@SaganRitual Yeah, war is never nice, neat, and pretty…
But sometimes you just gotta pull the trigger! People understand that.

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Around 3,000.

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@kritiper I guess I’m talking about human beings, rather than people, whatever you may mean by that. I’m sad about a hundred thousand dead civilians, who were just trying to get through their lives, just like me. I hope you won’t hold that against me.

I also feel sad to think that if Afghanistan had made war on the US and killed 100k civilians, you might not be so glib. Do correct me if I’m wrong, and forgive me for misjudging you.

Also, feel free to berate me about all the other possible responses the US could not have mounted, because of how idealistic and militarily naive I am. It was absolutely imperative that we bomb the place back to the Stone Age—there was just no other possible response, and I’m quite sure you can explain it all to me in sarcastic detail.

I’m all ears.

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Neighborhood of 2975, unless you count the first responders who died from diseases they got from breathing the poisonous air.

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@SaganRitual There are so many people on this earth and the total population isn’t expected to top out until it hits 11 billion sometime after 2100 (according to the UN estimates) so people are going to get killed or die somehow, so why fret about it? (Think about those consequences!) Shit happens!

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I didn’t look at the other answers, to avoid skewing. I think the number was around 5,000.
It was a horrible day. I looked at my newborn baby, and wondered what world I brought her to.
I remember people jumping. I remember news reporters shaken, and maybe in shock.
The actual number of people who perished I don’t know. I do know that the flight which crashed in a Pennsylvania field haunts me. Those people KNEW, and made a choice.

Steve Buscemi was a firefighter in New York when he began his acting career. He worked the ground zero searches.
So many heart breaking stories.

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Very accommodating by those ‘terrorists’ to pick a time when barely anyone was in those towers.

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It JUST hit me what she was asking! I thought she meant that of the people who died, how many died without looking for the reason!.


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