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Have you ever tried the timer function on your kitchen oven?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16738points) June 22nd, 2019

How do you use it?

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I would guess a lot of ovens are different but with ours you just push timer then hold the time button for the amount of time you wish,once you let go it will start counting down then beep letting you know the time is up.

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Mine has two ways of using. One turns the oven off after a set amount of time.

The other turns the oven on at a preset time, at a preset temp, for a set duration.

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I use it all the time when baking things in the oven. Just use the arrows to set it for the time you wish, then the times goes down like a stop watch, and beeps when done. Need to pre-heat it too though. You can even use it when not cooking, just to set a reminder for something. They can be all different to set, if not digital or use a knob, but most are not are too overly difficult to learn. What kind do you have? Or needing help with it?

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I use the oven timer all the time when I’m baking or broiling something. That way, it reminds me to shut the oven off. If I didn’t use it, I might forget and leave the house or even if I were home, there’d be something burning in the oven. The worst and scariest would be if I left the house with something baking in the oven. The timer prevents that.

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Yeah, that’s why I would use it, too. A reminder for the oven has something cooking, plus to time it right, so that my food doesn’t overcook or if I loose track of time.

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I just use the alarm clock on my phone. Before that I used an egg timer.

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We use the function constantly. In fact we use the timer even when no cooking is involved

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i use the timer on the microwave because it is digital and easier to set.
I’ll use it to remind me to flip pancakes or waffles, or to take something out of the microwave, or turn off the water to the fish pond, etc.

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There is no such function on my oven.

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I just use echo now.

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I use my microwave timer. I can’t figure out the one on the stove.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me Why? Why to you want to let Amazon know when and where you are using a timer? At the very least they know you are home.
I don’t know what they are doing with that data but I don’t want to give them anything.

My dumb microwave just works.

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@LuckyGuy We are addicted to our echo devices. They are so handy. I’m not exactly obsessed with privacy either. They already know so much more about me just through my buying history anyway. My bank/visa…even more.

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I use mine all the time.
The timer on my microwave only works if I am cooking in it.

Do you have one button that says clock, one labeled timer, and two arrows? If not, what kind of set up do you have?

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I don’t have a separate timer on my oven, but the stove has one that we use frequently. It has two rows, one for the clock, and one for the timer. We use at least three timers in our house, including the one on the stove, the microwave, and a timer I got at the store. We also use our phones, computers and tablets for more personal timers

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I use the timer on my microwave constantly. I use that time when I cook on the stove, in the toaster over, and in the regular oven.

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Oh sure, I use the Timer like when bread is rising, or boil for five minutes then simmer, that kind of thing.

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I use the one on my microwave too, but I want to get a different timer. This one dings just one time, so if you miss it you SOL. Need one that will go off for all eternity.

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@Dutchess_III My dogs force me to go in the kitchen if the alarms go off. They think something really good is waiting in that weird hot box…haha

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My stove/oven timer does a single beep for a one minute warning, then multiple beeps for done.

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