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In Excel, have you have ever had this problem with the cursor keys?

Asked by mikey7183 (338points) August 26th, 2008

in excel when i press my keyboard’s cursor keys it moves the whole screen, as opposed to the normal movement from cell-to-cell, what is going on? i need to do work on excel and this problem keeps happening, please help

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The whole screen?! Like the desktop and everything… basically all lit pixels?

Or do you mean the whole Excel window?

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Your screen lock is turned on.

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@osullivanbr – i always thought that was called “scroll lock”

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Well obviously it is. I was only testing.

I’m heading off to hang my head in shame in the corner now.
I blame robmandu for using the word screen

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haaaaaaa sorry! didn’t mean to depress you like that. don’t worry, we still love you even though you made such a grave mistake :)

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Is wasn’t my fault. It was robmandu and the mind tricks.

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Don’t recall that issue happening – but then, between selecting data and commands I usually close my eyes, cross my fingers and hope everything’s still there when I look again to save….

When it comes to excel, patience truly is a virtue….....I try, but sometimes I fail….

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