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Why would they remake the Chucky the murder doll movie, when the last movie in that franchise was just 2 years ago and had positive reviews?

Asked by ragingloli (45319points) 2 months ago

Especially when the remake is, predictably, worse than the 6th sequel to the original?

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Because Hollywood has not had an original idea in a quarter century.

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Keep the money rolling in while the concept is still fresh in the minds of the audience!

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Because they can cash in on Mark Hamill’s current popularity and mainstream visibility.

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Money, money, money. Easy money.

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This question is like basically asking “why does Hollywood like making money?”

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A better question is, why would anybody go see it?

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Chucky insisted it be made.

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I’m not scared of an old talking doll.

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Chuckie’s not a doll…he’s a puppet! And he’s given other marionettes a bad name! Just ask Howdy Doody or Thunderbirds

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