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Is there a real story of military heroism that stays in your head never to be forgotten?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25184points) June 23rd, 2019 from iPhone

Please share the story.

There could be several heroic acts in battle that you know of but which one do you remember the most, one story which fires up courage, decency and inspiration within?

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When Sisko fired on the allied Klingon ship that was attacking a Cardassian freighter.
Which I would think was inspired by that Vietnam pilot that threatened to open fire on and kill his own people in order to protect the innocent villagers that were being massacred by colonial soldiers.
You know, sacrificing your own life is mundane. Throw yourself on a grenade, who gives a shit. You are guaranteed to be deified for that.

But to decide to turn on your own people, to accept the fact that your “comrades” will despise you, hate you, vilify you. To accept that your own society will see you as a traitor, as scum. That your own government will punish you for it. To know that you are going to destroy your own future, become anathema.
In order to do the right thing. THAT is heroism.

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When the French mitary sided with the citizens in the French Revolution.

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I know much military history and stories but they aren’t really in competition with each other for supremacy.

Leonidas and the rear guard forces at Thermopylae, Boudicca of the Iceni’s revolt, Jean D’Arc, Sir Francis Drake defeating the Spanish Armada (etc), John Paul Jones battling HMS Serapis (and much of the rest of his career), all come to mind, but I see no real sense in exalting these over each other or countless others.

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Not a story, a name. American Chris “The Legend” Kyle.

Great book if you haven’t heard or read of him. Too many stories to copy here.

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And Frederick Zoller.
And who could forget Hans Landa.

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@ragingloli Well Chris wasn’t a fictional character…

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^ I wish he were.

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@hmmmmmm Then hopefully you don’t live in America.

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^ I do. Why?

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@hmmmmmm If I have to explain, you’ll never understand.

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@KNOWITALL: ”@hmmmmmm If I have to explain, you’ll never understand.”

Or, maybe “explaining” means justifying the murder of more than a hundred people.

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@hmmmmmm Yep all enemies of America.

If you want to continue to derail the thread, I can do this all day.

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@KNOWITALL: ”@hmmmmmm Yep all enemies of America.”

That’s not an explanation, doesn’t make any sense, and doesn’t even make sense within your own nationalistic framework. But I’ll stop derailing a thread that apparently is designed to glorify murder.

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I don’t know why, but the Trail of Tears comes to mind every time I see this question.

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