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Why does it take 6 years to issue a recall?

Asked by LadyMarissa (10116points) June 23rd, 2019

Arsenic in bottled drinking water & the FDA has ignored it for 6 years. Is it really that difficult to issue a recall?

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In that case, I would say either pay offs, or very bad bookkeeping

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Either paid off (said above) or the water company was given a chance to correct the problem and maybe an immediate follow-up test showed the water within legal limits, but it was only temporarily within the limit. Or, maybe the FDA never did a second check until now, and allowed the water company to self monitor?

Look at what happened to the Flint water supply. Different agency, and that was elected officials, but still total incompetence.

I would hope the FDA would be better, but there is some good ol’ boy in that organization. Plus, if people weren’t becoming sick there wouldn’t be reports to cause them to ficus on it.

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Different question: Why did WalMart keep selling it if it was bad? Or accused of being poisonous?

Seems like Wal Mart and Target have some responsibility here too.

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Just another nail in the coffin for buying bottled water as far as I’m concerned. Filter your tap water if necessary instead.

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Arsenic is found to be naturally occurring in many water sources, so it isn’t ruled out for low amounts. Tested batches may have been below maximum levels.

Expecting the FDA to instigate a recall is considered by many to be “regulatory overreach.” Since you are aware of it, you get to make your own choice to buy it or not.

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I don’t drink bottled water so it’s highly unlikely that I’ll die from arsenic poisoning!!!
“a recall is considered by many to be “regulatory overreach”” The FDA was created to make sure our food was safe before making it to the public. Maybe they just need to do their freaking job!!! Anyway, this is just another in a long line of not notifying the public of potential danger so we can “make a rational decision” on what is best for us & I’m NOT even focusing on just the FDA. How many dogs died because no one reported that dog foods were killing our beloved fur babies??? One of my cats died from eating tainted cat food that I had been checking on regularly & the notice wasn’t issued until 3 months after he had died. Had I known that there was a problem, I could have changed his diet!!!

In order to cover their butt, Wal-mart has a bulletin board in the very back of the store where they do post recalled items; however, they leave it up to the customer to seek out to find the problem. Most of the time it’s items that I’ve never purchased or probably wouldn’t purchase. In this case, I’m wondering IF Wal-mart or Target were even notified of the problem so they could add it to their basically hidden bulletin board or given the opportunity to remove from their shelves??? I don’t shop at Target so I don’t know how they notify their customers.

What good does an oopsie after the fact do when it’s “your loved one” that dies??? How hard is it to issue a statement saying “buyer beware” even IF they don’t issue a recall & then save the recall for when the company fails to do the right thing??? Companies should be held responsible when they put profit over customers well being!!!

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