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Does music reflect the personality of a person?

Asked by NecroKing (328points) August 26th, 2008

I like listening to heavy metal and Evanescence, and I’m a nice person, but can sometimes be evil, but I’m nice all the same.

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Rather than define, I would say that it reflects aspects of a person’s personality.

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Are you asking if music makes you evil? Or if you have to be evil to listen to certain music? I don’t understand.

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I think the music and the culture around that style of music does have an effect on you. How much is based on each individual person though. Take for instance me. I love metal music, but you can ask anyone of my friends and I know none of them would call me an evil person. On the other hand someone could listen to the same stuff I do and become that way.

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Well I heard that people act, depending to what music they listen to, I listen to Emo rock, but I’m not Emo. I’m a nice guy.

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yes, but keep in mind that this reflection can precede and/or succeed the listening. In terms of your mood, you can listen to music that speaks to your current state, or your state can be altered according to what you’ve listened to. The distinction can also be thought of as reaching or having reached.

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I thought Emo meant sad, not mean???

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It can mean both, and sorry about being mean to everyone.

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Obviously music like metal makes you evil…........well, at least according to a certain Ms. Gore and her friends

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I don’t think so. My choice of music is so varied it can’t possibly reflect my personality…only my mood.

I’ve been known to listen to James Taylor and Neil Diamond but I absolutely love the White Stripes, Jay Z, Metallica, 80s Disco and music from the soundtrack of Evita…

Yeah…maybe I’m just psycho?

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I agree with Marina.

I think that what you listen to shows off some sense of your personality and what you are into. More often than not you listen to music that your friends also listen to. I don’t think listening to any particular music makes you evil but it just shows what your interests.

I mean honestly I can listen to Every Time I Die then switch to James Brown then put on Tribe Called Quest. It all depends on the mood.

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The answer is no, unless I’m an undiagnosed case of Dissociative Identity Disorder.

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I think music can somewhat reflect the persons personality or feelings at that time. Because if it reflects a persons personality overall then I guess I have a crazy one! I listen to all types of music/genres.

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There’s something called the duality of man.

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I might do, but it also might not.

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I’m with both Marina and TheHaight on this one. I’m likely to listen to Pink, Spiderbait, Clannad, Queen, Scott Grimes, AC/DC, Violent Femmes, and Abba shut up, stop laughing at me!! all on the same day.

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@tantigirl: 4 of those names are in my iTunes, 2 of them in my ‘most played’ list :)

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But are you willing to admit which ones?!!!!

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Both appear very early on if sorted alphabetically…

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I love all kinds of music. From classical to heavy metal to eighties to punk to whatever my daughter is listening to, to country and even show tunes. I just love music all of the time!

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To me, yes, music does reflect off of someones personality, but some people listen to “Emo” and claim to be emo, and then some people listen to “Rap” and claim to be

so yes, and no.
Some people only listen to it to make it seem like they are some sort of scene, and then some people listen to it, because its how they feel, not how they dress.

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And in some 10–15 years time, when you’ve gone through 10 different scenes, you’ll have an iTunes library that takes a week to play, crammed full of everything from what your mum listened to in her youth to your latest impulse purchase from the new releases section on musicstore….. If music=personality, I’ve got split personality coming out of my ears!!!

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an itunes full of junk tells you dont care much about your music. People that really love music has a perfect organized library with music they actually listen to.

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Thanks! Always nice to be called messy and junk. Appreciate it!

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Well!!!! Aren’t you a little ray of sunshine today wilhel1812?!!!

Tantigirl wraps her arms around wildflower and wipes her tears off her face. There, there, the bad bad fluther person will go away soon


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@wilhel1812 – What you calls junk, we calls musical gold.

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Don’t worry, psycho bitch from hell persona only temporarily let happy persona out to adress the compliment….

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Ahhhh, but can they handle two bitch from hell personas?

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It does. And how!!!

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Sorry about that one, i wasn’t in a good mood when i wrote that.

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I like all sorts of music. I think it’s not so much a reflection of personality as a reflection of either mood or what mood I’d like to get in.

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@wilhel1812 – no worries hun, we weren’t seriously upset with you. ;)

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Genres affect or reflect the personality of a person and you are like to listen in that kind of music so here you are…
Heavy metal: Very creative and at ease with themselves, but not very outgoing or hard-working.

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