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Do you know anyone over the age of 90?

Asked by flutherother (30154points) June 24th, 2019

What do you know about this person? Are they in good health? Do they have a secret for their long life.

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My father is 90. He’s in good health for a man his age. His mind is still sharp. We don’t have a relationship where I could ask his secret.

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Rick’s dad is 96 and for his age, in damn good health. But he’s had a run in with a hospital lately. He’s still living by himself at his old house and I can’t begin to tell you how badly that upsets me. Mentally he’s fine. Physically, he needs assistance and I don’t know what the boys’ problem is. I’ve talked to him in the past about going to live in an apartment with people his own age around and he seemed open to it to me so….
Pretty sure it’s just genes. Rick’s whole family is really long lived. Except when they aren’t. In 2016 Rick’s nephew was running his favorite trail. He as 42, in perfect health, strong, healthy, worked out, no drinking, no smoking, ran every day….on this day he just dropped dead of an heart attack on the trail. Left behind 3 daughters and a wife. It REALLY shook the family up.

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My grandmother is 95. She started to physically slow down 2 years ago or so, and started repeating herself and forgetting things last year. It’s happening very fast. When she was 90, she was very active and sharp.

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My mother is 95 and in excellent health. Although I am estranged from her I still hear about her from family members. Some of her friends are still around and doing quite well. The mother of a childhood friend is 100 this year, still sharp and rides her bike around in the summer. We discuss books. My Aunt is 91, still very active.
It’s no longer that unusual, thanks to modern medical awareness.

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Yeah, Rick’s dad would have died a few times now by now if it wasn’t for modern medical awareness.

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Ed is 97 but blind now. It’s tragic because he gobbled up newspapers and was an ardent crossword puzzle fan. Otherwise he’s in splendid shape, but unfortunately doesn’t get enough exercise.

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My wife’s grandmother turned 99 this year. She is not happy about it. She takes no medication, but her mind is still relatively sharp.

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My mother is age 91. Sadly, she has the tragic combination of perfect physical health and a mind lost to Alzheimer’s disease.

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Yes, a lady named Evelyn is just turning 98 in a group I go to lunch with at times. She is hard of hearing, but is doing so well and in good health.

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My grandmother is 91, my wifes’s grandmother is 97. I had a great aunt on the other side that made it to 99. My grandmother will be ok financially, my wife’s is out of money and still in good health. She’ll probably have to move in with us until she requires a nursing home and can qualify for medicaid.

It’s genes. Seems like if you halfway take care of yourself and make it past about 75 genetics just take over. I know as stated earlier I have the FOX-O gene that most centenarians have. I strongly suspect my wife does too as she still looks about 29 but is 43.

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Yes, a neighbor but he is also in a couple of civic organizations with me. He’ll be 95 in November. He still drives and just bought a Prius.
He still rides his horse on a regular basis in different shows and parades. He visits his son 45 minutes away a couple a times a month. He was in West Berlin at the end of WWII.

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My mother is 95. All things considered, she is in pretty good shape for her age, although she is not able walk due to arthritis and muscle atrophy. Her memory is starting to get a little jumbled, but she is not exhibiting any signs of dementia.

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My great-grandmother died at 97. She was incredibly healthy till the day she died. My Mom used to say she was near death for 20 years, but I always found her alert and engaging.
How did she live so long? I couldn’t say. It amazes me, since modern medicine was less than modern.

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My wife’s mother turned 101 last March.

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I know a seceral people here where I live.

One is in very good health, still drives, I saw her a few days ago in the grocery store, and she was buying a gallon of milk. She lifted the milk like it was nothing. I see her out socializing a lot.

Two are in reasonably good health, but have some aches and pains, but then so do I.

The other 3 who I can think of need some help, but still do activities during the day, memory is ok, but not like a 20 year old. I don’t really know the 3 very well, they are each the parent of friends of mine.

20 years ago an employee of mine, his dad was in his 90’s and was very healthy until the end, he died at 99. Now, his son, my former employee, is 80, and still working part time.

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90 what? Sausages?

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What is it with Germans and sausages?

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@Love_my_doggie My mom had that same horrible combination of perfect physical health combined with dementia.

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^^^ It just isn’t fair, is it? Someone should be enjoying a full life in that strong, healthy body yet lacks the cognitive ability to do so.

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No it is not fair. God, it was the most horrible thing I ever went through. I swear, I’ll kill myself before I put my kids through that.

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My grandmother will be 105 on Aug 2. She is in a assisted living facility and cannot walk but get this…...her mind is 80% there! I call her 2–3 times a week and we carry on a reasonable conversation. She takes no meds for anything and the nurse that comes twice a month is astounded at her health. She doesn’t understand why she is living this long and is ready to go see my dad..her only son in heaven. I am so blessed to have her in my life. She lives in a different state but my brother checks in on her. She wants a Whataburger for her birthday!

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That is so awesome.

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