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When you compare the US to the UK, what significant similarities or differences do YOU note?

Asked by KNOWITALL (26127points) June 25th, 2019

I’m just curious which categories caught your interest.

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Well, the biggest difference is, of course, the language.
In England, they speak correct English.

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The US has a gun culture, part of it’s population, that would be very difficult for most in the UK to understand… (For better, or worse.)

There seem to be etiquettes, of sorts, in the American South, and in the UK…

Many parts of how the US government works, are borrowed the UK…

I’m sure I can think of more.

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I really meant what caught your interest on the link I shared, comparing the two countries in many categories with facts/ numbers. Did any of them interest you?

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Sorey.I didn’t/can’t read the link. I have bad service where I currently am. I’ll try, when I’m back in 4G area…

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@MrGrimm888 No worries, I just thought several different things were very interesting in the current climate.

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What the size difference really means in terms of geographic and meteologic terms—

It can be raining EVERYWHERE in the UK at once, but not all of the continental U.S.

In the U.K, you are never that far from the ocean, but only a fraction of citizens in the U.S. are in close proximity to the ocean.

The climate does not vary as much because the geographic area is smaller, thus has less to variate.

The size difference matters a lot in these regards.

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Well. There were, predictably, huge ethnic differences.

Also way more potential for natural disasters, in America.

The land usage, as far as agriculture, was surprisingly similar. Given such diverse types of land in the US.

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Only one one country is decent enough to have root beer and honey buns.

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@reijinni Over the pond you get hot cross buns and tea right? ha!

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