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How do you qualify to give vaccinations?

Asked by janbb (56327points) June 25th, 2019

I’m a little phobic about getting shots and I know they want you to get them at pharmacies now. I went into CVS with the intent to get one of the three shots I need – or get on the waiting list for Shingrix. The lad who helped me had no people skills, have given someone the wrong info about the cost of a med and was taking a long time to get to me for the shot after taking my info. I decided to walk out and told him I would come back when they were less busy.

So, my question is – do I really want this guy who is clearly not a pharmacist to give me a shot? Or do I try someplace else? Anyone know how they qualify to do it?

Put in General.

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Not sure of the legal requirements, especially in the state where you live, but it doesn’t take much training to give people a shot. I had to give my wife multiple shots each day when we were going through infertility treatment,

I wouldn’t want a kid giving me shots either, I would want someone that I could trust to have read the label.

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I’m unclear about what you’ve written. Was the young man a pharmacist, or was he some kind of assistant? Here, I was helped by the people who work the front of the pharmacy area, but the pharmacist actually came out from the back to give me the shot.

Having said that, your pharmacy should provide training on “bedside” manner to all the employees at the pharmacy.

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He was an assistant. He asked the pharmacist about side effects when I asked him. He also had misquoted the price of a drug to someone on the home and when they came in, the real price was $1,000!

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I got my last one at Walgreens, but it was the experienced pharmacist. I’d be reluctant if he was a spazz as you describe.

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@janbb Sounds like very poor service. I wonder if it’s possible to ask to be helped by the pharmacist who will administer the shot for the whole transaction.

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@Hawaii_Jake I’m wondering how to manage. Thinking of going in and seeing if he’s not working…..

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A little off topic but I was in the clinic attached to the hospital I work in to get blood work. The nurse took out the alcohol pad and swiped it about 8 inches away from my vein while chatting with another nurse and threw it away. I spoke up immediately. “Let’s try that again and really scrub my vein area. I’ve had MRSA and don’t want it again.”
So the point is to make sure you are your own advocate because no one else will be.

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No clue at CVS but at Walgreens, the person taking your info is not the same person who gives you the shot. Once they take your info you have to wait for the pharmacist on duty to give you the actual shot. The pharmacist who gave me mine is very good at not making them hurt.

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