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What are some tips to focus on reading textbooks?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24648points) June 25th, 2019

I have been zoning out occasionally. Can you help?

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Read and highlight keywords as you read the text the first time before reading it the second or third time. Make yourself believe that whatever you’re learning is important because tricking the brain into thinking that something you learn will have a significant impact on your quality of life will make it learn better. Do some light exercises (walk around, etc.) once you start to feel that you’re not absorbing anything you’re reading. You can use this time to also recite things you’ve learned in your head – out loud if you think it helps or if you like it. Just make sure nobody is around… I hope that helps.

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Read one sentence at a time, then ask yourself, what does that say? You might it find it more efficient to go paragraph by paragraph, rather than sentence by sentence.

Take notes, such as write down or highlight important words/phrases.

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If the book is too dry of a topic it happens .
Get something engaging to read and see if that happens?
I bet is that it won’t?
I have books that I feel that I should read and then once I start I lose interest because I am not into it at that moment.I prefer to read when its cold outside and one stays in and reads under a cozy blanket.
Summer time is for activity and moving about.

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Are you reading these textbooks because you genuinely want to, or because you feel like you ought to?

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Read it several times, several ways. Tackle a chapter this way :

Read the Table of Contents and all its bits to get an idea what is covered.
Read the first paragraph and the last paragraph in the chapter.
Read the whole chapter FAST and let the theme/ideas all take shape, maybe do this a couple times. Read the first sentence and last sentence of each paragraph in one of these passes.
Jump back in slowly and carefully, bring the highlighter, take notes.

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