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Tornadoes and hurricanes?

Asked by glitterrrrfish (222points) August 26th, 2008 from iPhone

ever been in one? what happened? Where was it? How much damage did it cause?

I live in Georgia and the hurricane from Florida is passing by here, we’ve been having tropical storms since last week upto end of this week. Just curious to hear your experiences

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I experienced a few hurricanes when I lived in N. Carolina. No major damage from any, for our family, beyond the inconvenience of losing power and having people move in with us because their homes were flooded. Actually, that was the worst for us. I do remember being up in the middle of the night when the worst of one was passing over. There was incredible green lightening. It was beautiful. I love storms, so I found it all very exciting, in my youth. Now, when we get the outside edges of hurricanes, I think it’s a major pain in the ass. Of course, I’m an adult with kids. Fortunately, we hook up to the generator and don’t suffer the way some do when the power goes.

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Yeah, I was stuck inside all weekend because of Fay (Fey?). Didn’t see a whole lot of damage around my house, but I’m about ten miles from the beach. There was some localized flooding down the street, about curb-high, but as far as I know, no homes damaged in my neighborhood. They had about five feet in homes to the southwest of me though. I did lose power for about 20 hours.

When I was a child, we got stuck in a mobile home as a tornado passed the area. The house across the street had its roof torn off (while the neighbors were inside), and a few miles away there were houses completely wiped out. We were extremely lucky that night. I’m not sure if anyone died, but there was certainly that potential.

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I’ve lived in Oklahoma my entire life…that should sum it up.

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I was born and still live in South Louisiana. I have been through many hurricanes and have seen damage too terrible to believe. The toll these storms take on people is so horrible. When I was little hurricanes were exciting. Everyone got together and cooked and you got to stay up all night playing with all of your cousins. It was great . As an adult, especially after Katrina and Rita and Lilly a few years back., they scare me.

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