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Why the hell would border patrol refuse donations for the kids we have in cages with no toiletries?

Asked by Dutchess_III (40568points) June 26th, 2019
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Well to begin with we don’t want any confirmation on what these people certainly know; that compared to their homes, ours is a land of nearly obscene wealth.

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You can’t give money to or do anything for free for the Government. It the law.

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Where I worked many years ago we held monthly or quarterly reviews with Navy, Air Force and Army representatives. Sometimes we would be in a conference room for hours and take a break in my office area; we had a coffee pot and cups and a sign with the cost per cup for anyone. They were so happy to be able to get a cup of coffee. We sometimes had to go to other company facilities in other parts of the state, we couldn’t offer them a ride in our cars, they had to drive themselves.

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Maybe because the article is probably lying?

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Sorry to bust your paranoid conspiracy idea @Yellowdog, but go see @Tropical_Willie‘s answer. It’s much more logical than your unproven claim.

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@Yellowdog It would be called graft or giving gratuities to the Border Patrol. SMH

Stop guessing on things you know nothing about.

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Oh, okay @Dutchess_lll

But how is the premises of the article logical?

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Main reason, @Dutchess_lll is because government policy is to make people suffer so badly they won’t come to the US anymore. If the price of it is a few dead kids, and a bunch more with disease, too bad – that’s US policy these days.

The Border Patrol doesn’t allow toiletries and soap because that would humanize the imprisoned kids.

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I’m sticking with @Tropical_Willie‘s explanation. It’s logical. Too many opportunities for abuses with donations.

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o k a y
@Yellowdog we have video of you handing a member of the Border Patrol; 20 one hundred dollars bills, What is wrong with this picture ?? ?

Oh it’s okay your hero is getting money from the Ukraine for building his Trump Towers. He has stock in companies like the coal companies in West Virginia that he is supporting in government.


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What’s wrong with this picture is I only have 24-something dollars to my name.

Some things cannot be answered in the little pale-yellow answer box on Fluther. They are too elusive for words. They can only be known with the heart. The heart can know things that the mind can’not even begin to understand,

And, if one speaks of death, she hath not stooped. Pay no mind to her servitors, who have drooped. You have reached down through the ferns, You have drunken in the stone waters and listened to the music of the everlasting hills.. You have discovered the hewn stone steps that lead through the cool mountain hollows. You’ll be coming back. They are already getting a new leader for the land of clocks.

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I didn’t say I liked the fact that Border Patrol said no to donation.

I said WHY they have to say no!

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They can’t accept ALL of the donations they get. So if they only take HALF of them, it won’t be enough. If they take the other half, it won’t be enough either. If they take both halves, it won’t be enough two times in a row, You can’t take a little because you can’t get enough when you do,

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By law they can’t accept any of it @Yellowdog.

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@Dutchess_lll Someone doesn’t get it.


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That would be me, sir.

But thanks for explaining it @Tropical_Willie Seriously, this needs to be worked out. Thanks for explaining it to @Dutchess_lll

The problems may be stupid, but they are not because some devil wants to make life miserable. This conflates the issue that the very same border patrol cannot get funds or supplies they have been asking congress for.

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It’s difficult to get through to people who were raised to believe in magic and ghosts and ridiculous miracles and to so utterly deny their own observations, @Tropical_Willie.

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This would be your hero @Yellowdog ======> ” some devil wants to make life miserable” he sure does!
They are “brown-skinned” and in his his eyes are not humans !

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Hmmmm… why would anyone care about their ethnicity?

Hispanic and other South American cultures are rich and ancient. No one minds ethnicity. Hispanics aren’t even brown skinned, as you allege. This would seem actually to indicate some latent racism on your part.

Anglo Americans don’t live in a vacuum (well, life sucks, but you get the point). We work and live with people of all national origins and mixed ethnicities with imperceptable variations, and don’t think much of it. Its the democrats who want to categorize everyone.

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Ask Trump why he biased about brown and black skinned people, maybe it was when he and father were throwing brown and blacked skinned people out of their apartment, and charging the next family higher monthly rents. The “Slum Lord” now President didn’t fall far from the tree!

He has said more than once called Meghan Markle is “nasty”, referring the fact she has a mixed ethnic heritage!

He is an unashamed BIGOT ! When will get it @Yellowdog ? ?

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Trump is actually about making things work. Whatever it takes to get things done.

The Fox News Channel and talk-show hosts are as racially diverse as any of the liberal cable channels, and all of them have very high ratings

In the early ‘70s, a lot of residency business owners tried to control the demographics because of actual property values, Such practices were, and certainly by today’s standard are, illegal and unethical. But its quite a stretch to call a builder who has been in business that long a racist because of what may or probably did not happen in the early-to-mid 1970s,

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He is physically blocking asylum seekers, the father and two year old were refused entry at border port of entry with a valid asylum request.
Trump is vile and punitive, remember first Hitler called the press liars and then he went after the infirm and weak; then he targeted the ethnically different (Jews). First Trump put down the media . . . You figure it out !!

The infirm will be next with reduced medical insurance and Medicare and Medicaid !

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I think his supporters like him because they actually feel superior to him!

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No, they died crossing the Rio Grande.

It can be waded across in most places, but has swift currents in others. Many of the people apprehended by the border patrol are rescued from the Rio Grande, Laura Ingraham has covered these operations over two episodes of her program.

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Now what are you talking about @Yellowdog?

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I was responding to @Tropical_Willie

Now I am responding to YOU.
Thanks for asking, @Dutchess_lll !

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