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Tumblr vs. Wordpress (for me?)

Asked by Phillyzero (129points) August 26th, 2008

I know this topic has been kicked around quite a bit, but I’d like some input before I go on further. My current tumblr is very new,, it’s mostly a web comic based site, and I love the feel of tumblr and the ease of customization.

However, I have some looming issues that I see myself running to in the future.

Tumblr has:
– No true search (I did at the html search bar) of tags or, more importantly other people (I have used rollcall etc.)
– Near unuseable archiving system; it looks nice and it’s fantastic for random microblogging, but even though I’m only doing a web comic I’d like a little more functionality.

Wordpress however also gives me some problems:
– Less customization for a person with limited knowledge (and I have to pay to use custom free themes etc.) <- this is the biggest issue for me, it seems tumblr is much easier to customize than wordpress for someone like me who isn’t advanced.
– Paying for domain name? Maybe I’m not understanding this correctly, but if I bought a domain name from somewhere like dreamhost, I would need to pay an additional 10$ to work it with wordpress?

So, is there any input? I do intend to post text bits here and there but mostly it’ll be images, do people think for what I’m wanting to do, is tumblr or wordpress better for me.

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If you buy a domain directly from, then it will cost you $15 a year for the domain and the domain mapping.

Use Tumblr if you want everything to be very simple.

Use WordPress if you want a more powerful system.

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Stick with Tumblr. Its so much easier to use. First of they have a seach. Your posts dont seem to tagged properly. I find their archive system to be far more useful. Most tumblr users have tons of posts a day and it would look aweful on a sidebar. Especially for a web comic, a sidebar style archive section wouldnt be any help for picture posts. As far as exploration goes, they just launched a new Explore page to find more interesting tumblelogs. And yes tumblr is really small compared to wordpress. But sometimes, a small community is better since you get more attention.

Feature wise wordpress, is the way to go. But i hate it with a passion. Its a bitch to style it with the two different css sheets

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I use wordpress
(my blog, no spam intended)
Now customization is difficult enough, but easier than you might think. I have no experience with css or php, but I still managed to make this layout all by myself (almost).
What I did, I found a nice already made theme for wordpress, installed it and got to the CSS. If you have a mac, get CSS-edit, it’s a real easy way to learn css, and it is easy!

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wordpress every time. The amount of traffic my blog gets is ridiculous. this never mattered to me but when I check, out of curiosity, that’s when I see just how valuable the categories & tags are. even certain words in posts have brought hundreds of people daily. I don’t even blog regularly but the amount of search engine traffic & wordpress tag surfing is always very high. If you want many people to view your blog it ight be worth switching.

For me personally, I love the look of wordpress. I had other blogs but nothing really looks better, it’s also very easy to use. i’m a complete idiot when it comes to css etc but you can find themes easily & i’ve kept a wordpress theme for one of my blogs and only added my own header. It’s up to you but wordpress is the best out there & a lot of photography blogs are thriving just tags alone.

Having said that i’ve never used tumblr..

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