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What is your favorite invention of the 20th century?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6759points) August 26th, 2008

i would say perforation

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birth control is pretty cool. so is the internet.

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The Microwave

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I love my MacBook and iPod ! I really still love iPod the most!

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Concord. Fly from London and get to New York before you set off.

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Air conditioning.
@Marina: You like pantyhose?

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@augustlan Good god, no. They do, however, beat the alternative for convenience (not appearance).

On second thought, with the way I type, can I change my answer to word processing?

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microwaveable pizza
I burnt my mouth!

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@Marina; If I ever contemplated strangling anyone, which thought has occured to me here from time to time. pantyhose would be my weapon of choice. Victims would be made to wear them – a murdererless crime.

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@gc You preferred the garter belts and stockings?

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And don’t forget the panty-girdle, if you were unfortunate to have been around in that era.

I loathe them all; luckily I no longer have to worry. Pants (w. or w/o socks), shorts, skirts – bare legs.

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I prefer garter belts and stockings!

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@Lightly; just wear them for an 18 hr day and get back to us.

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Um, Gail, I don’t think that Lightly meant “to be worn by by him”. Or did he? hmmm… Quite a mystery.

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(I knew that :-)but am getting tired of the jokes that I can predict… that “here it comes” moment comes too often. Or am I prescient?)

(Some day I’ll tell you about the boned corselette called “The Merry Widow” – an apt rubric- that we women chose to wear in the late 50s and early 60’s..,aka The Iron Maiden. No, I’ll tell you now. It was one of the worst inventions of the 20th century>)

” ‘Merry Widow’was produced to coincide with the 1952 film of the same name, starring Lana Turner, and the original “Merry Widow” foundation worn by Miss Turner was a full length corselette. This was cut with attractive panels of black and white lace, incorporating slim panels of black elastic yarn net. A heavy duty zip was inserted behind a velvet backed, hook and eye flange and the whole garment was lined with nylon voile. Nine long spiral wires were cased in black satin. It was a terrific garment.

Lana Turner is reputed to have said, “I am telling you – the ‘Merry Widow’ was designed by a man. A woman would never do that to another woman.”

History of the bra

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I wore a version of the Merry Widow at my first wedding, in 1987. Willingly, no less.

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@Aug; Can you still remember how the bones dug into the tender parts when you leaned over?

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@Gail: Oh, yes. I also wore a stiff A-line slip, with layers of tulle underneath, garter belt and stockings. Most uncomfortable things I’ve worn in my life…and sitting on it all was torture! What was I thinking? I was much more sensible the second time around.

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That little table thing that keeps your pizza from sticking to the box.

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