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Should the process of impeaching Trump be initiated or not?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26676points) June 29th, 2019

Where are you on this? Regardless of whether he gets impeached or not, removed from office or not, that it will fail in the Senate and it will backfire for the Dems in the 2020 elections…what do you think is the right thing to do, win or lose politically for either party?

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At this point, any attempt at impeachment is meaningless other than a political stunt. Trump has committed no crimes worthy of impeachment. If the Dems push for impeachment at this point, they could be guaranteeing that Trump is re-elected since everyone will see it is a politically motivated action that wastes time and money and shows their own desperation.

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But there is hope, @mazingerz88

There are plenty of Republicans in the house and senate who will vote with the Democrats. When an alternate health-care plan was proposed after Trump was elected, many Republicans opposed it because they hate Trump. Seems like McCain himself was the final nay.

Anyhow, it will go down in history as an impeachment without any underlying crimes. And of course no prosecution will be possible. It will etch in stone for all time what this generation of Dems was like. Weaponiising our powers of impeachment and criminal justice for sheer political purposes.

Bring it on. I hope you get full participation. from house and senate.

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I’m conflicted on this topic. Since Trump took office the Democrats have been calling for or saying Trump should be impeached. In fact, that have said since the beginning of his presidency that Trump won’t last, he’ll quit, he doesn’t want to be president, and the whole time I have said shut the hell up. Not completely shut up, I’m all in favor of reporting information found of misconduct and illegal activity, and always was in favor of an investigation. It was the constant cockiness of assuming he’s on his way out that just seemed absurd to me. He wasn’t going anywhere fast, it was wishful thinking.

At this point, it seems late to bother with impeachment; although, I guess that would prevent him from running for president again if he was removed from office. Would it?

I guess the big question is will impeachment reveal new information that will cause independents (or independent minded even if they are registered with a party) who voted for him to vote for the Democrat instead, even if Trump survives the impeachment. That’s what we need to know. Do we know? Are any polls asking that?

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The Democrats in control of the House obviously understand that impeaching Trump would mean a decisive Trump victory in 2020.

Trump is in a position like Dirty Harry, “Do you feel lucky punk? Go ahead, make my day!” HA!

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Where is the crime? Can’t even begin the process without that.

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Without something really serious to charge him with, impeachment is counterproductive. Trump is going to stand or fall based on his record. His tariff and sanctions policies are either going to succeed or fail in terms of the economy and foreign relations. I personally think they are the wrong way to go, but we will just have to wait and see.

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Sure, I think Dems should try it. Heehee

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I really think they need to. Because it will be an historic milestone in American history that will be greater emphasized.

Never before in American history has one administration spied on another and weaponized the tools on Intelligence against it. An impeachment attempt will be stage four in just how far the Democrats of this era would go. First, there was a concerted effort from within to influence an election and prevent Trump from winning, Then there were those who tried to invalidate or reverse the election results. Third,after taking office, there has been an effort to unseat or even imprison a duly elected president with no underlying crime. Fourthly, even after the coupe failed, there were attempts to impeach anyway—a president who has actually done phenomenally well for the country and the world stage.

These historic events need to be etched in history so that they don’t happen again. In 240 years we never have thought things like this could happen in America.

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@Yellowdog You forgot the original move by the Dems…to get Hillary to win the nomination. She basically bought it and her next nearest competition, Bernie, never stood a chance. She owned all the superdelegates that voted on their own opinions, not the will of the people. So the first step in their attempted interference in a fair election was Hillary buying the nomination.

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No. Such a bad idea. If the Clinton impeachment didn’t work, there’s no way this one will. Impeachment can’t be a strictly partisan move. But asking people to learn from history is a tall order, I know.

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@Yellowdog You don’t think the Republicans did similar with Clinton? The Republicans are comparing it to Clinton “warning” the Democrats not to make the same mistake. Of course that warning is mostly to get the Democrats not to move forward, but there is some truth that Trump might actually gain more adoration by his supporters if he is impeached.

If you think there are similarities than why would this moment in history teach anything? If we basically keep repeating similar attacks on the opposition

Even with Obama many Republicans were calling him a socialist, a dictator, that he wouldn’t leave office, that he wasn’t American, that he was Muslim, and there is more.

I agree to some degree the Democrats are going too far, especially with the cheating on his wife thing, I wasn’t in favor of going after a President for an affair when it was done to Clinton and I’m not with Trump either, except to say if he (whichever he) committed a criminal act, like rape, then no one is exempt from that, and he should be prosecuted if there is a case.

I will say though that cheating on one’s wife doesn’t compare to colluding with other countries against America. Meaning, even if you think Trump did nothing, there was enough information to investigate, and we should. However, investigating and wasting time and money on a consensual adult affair, TAXPAYER money, is ridiculous, in my opinion. If a news outlet wants to spend time and money on it I can’t stop that.

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Trump is unfit to be president and his sudden visit to North Korea demonstrates that yet again.

“North Korea is in a category of its own when it comes to human rights violations. It is a totalitarian state where tens of thousands of people are enslaved and tortured.

All forms of freedom of expression are repressed and anyone attempting to assert their rights is crushed. In North Korea, where failing to show sufficient reverence for the country’s leaders is a serious offence, no one is safe from arrest and imprisonment.” Amnesty International

And yet Trump considers it a “great honour” to be allowed to set foot in this country and by his presence he gives the regime legitimacy. What about the Declaration of Independence and the right of everyone to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Do these words which have rung out across the world and down the centuries hold no meaning for Trump?

It is a betrayal of the values America was founded upon, but no, it is not grounds for impeachment.

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@flutherother It IS a great honor for the POTUS to be there. He is the first to do it. If you go back in time, China had similar issues and Nixon was the first to go there. It is the start of change. Someone of authority, somewhere, some time, needed to do it. It starts the conversations instead of going through ambassadors who may or may not be taken seriously. Clinton, Bush II, and Obama all were ineffective at dealing with Kim Jong-un or his father. They postured and threatened but N Korea just got more obnoxious. Trump has at least gotten them to talk face-to-face and to discuss getting rid of the nuclear arsenal.

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@flutherother Since nothing else has worked, maybe Trump can be impeached for entering South Korea, for the reasons you mentioned. Or for INTENDING to enter North Korea. We don’t know whether or not he is wanting to model Trump’s America after North Korea.

Remember, it wasnt too long ago when many of you were saying that there wasn’t much difference between Trumm and Kim Jong Un. Maybe America could be just as efficient and totalitarian.

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~~~~~~ Don’t worry he brought his White House phone with him and North Korea hacked into it.

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Nixon isn’t the best example to bring up, after all he actually did get impeached. Trump, it seems won’t be.

I don’t expect an unprincipled man like Trump to behave in a principled way but how pleased Kim Jong-un was to meet Trump on his home ground and treat the President of the United States as an equal, or less than equal.

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^^Nixon resigned before they got around to impeaching him.

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The impeachment process against Nixon had begun before he resigned.

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And actually Nixon was a decent president, albeit a crook and a bit of a nut-job. He got us out of Viet Nam, he opened China, he started the EPA, he signed Title IX into being, he really started a war on cancer, he took the fight to organized crime…the list goes on. The fact that he would refer to himself in the 3rd person in private meetings and that he worked to use the CIA to help with the Watergate break-in took him from being one of the best presidents to one of the worst.

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Just not doing anything or trying the same tactics with North Korea sure sounds like a great idea. It has worked so well in the past~

I’ll give Trump credit for attempting the diplomatic approach.

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