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What are some questions (serious, or real) on Fluther that could be asked, but no one would dare answer?

Asked by Yellowdog (10591points) June 29th, 2019

For instance, “Do you regret marrying your spouse” or “Are you currently in a relationship you want out of?”

“Have You ever cheated on a test?”
“Have you ever been caught shoplifting?”

” What is your ***** size?”

Anything that shows weakness, embarrassment, worse-than-stellar character, or just something we wouldn’t want anyone to know. What are some questions that could be asked, but no one who had anything substantive to tell ever would?

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Is online pornography poison? Do you have any non anecdotal evidence? Tell us how you ruined your life from porn?

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What are the pros and cons for joining a terrorist organization?

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Why are my inner thighs ichy and rashy?

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What is the line from my scrotum and anus called? Also why is it itchy?

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Any men out there with erectile dysfunction? How common is this?

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Questions would be embarrrassing or show weakness on the part of the answerer
Not embarrassing to ask, per se’

No one would want to admit, or answer, them

And not necessarily gross, as a few examples I’ve given

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Have you ever commited a crime where the statute of limitations has not expired?

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What is your favorite password?

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Would it be nice if I had sex with my daughter’s friend?

Paraphrasing a real question.

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@Yellowdog The word is penis. It’s not a nasty word.

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Thanks. I thought it was just a thingy.

Another question no one would answer:—what are some things you wouldn’t people to know or assume about you if they could see your online history?

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Do you think the equation ER=EPR introduced by Leonard Susskind (the father of the string theory) appears in the movie Interstellar?

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Why are you so wrong in your political opinions?

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What’s the most shameful, disgraceful thing you’ve ever done?

Do you have cellulite?

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When did you stop beating your wife?

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How did you get to be so fat?

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As an aside, my question wasn’t directed to anyone in particular. I don’t think any of us would want to answer it.

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Have you ever been arrested or sentenced for a crime?

Have you ever attempted suicide?

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Have you ever been incontant other than been a baby? What adult diapers do you recommend ?

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When Is the last time that you crapped yourself in public?

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Good ones, @RedDeerGuy1 Of course, those with diaper fetishes might love to discuss it. Maybe even give some false narrative about what happened.

Here are t three more I thought of.

Have you ever engaged in stalking behavior or behavior that could be considered stalking? Why did you do it and what did it feel like?

Have you ever had an obsession with someone—especially a stranger or someone inappropriate?

Have you ever had a restraining order issued against you?

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Meh. I’d answer most of these.

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Who among us will admit to looking at the toilet paper each time they wipe their arse to check out when the shit stops?

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Is anyone on “witness protection plan” with a alias ?

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THIS question.

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There’s really only one that stands out, and that person made me believe he was a pedophile by his constant comments and defense of child predators.

So I would think asking a question about being attracted to certain age groups would be anathema to most.

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With that said, some people are attracted somewhat to children and youth who are the age they were when they first fell in love, or first had a crush.

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@Yellowdog Well if you are sexually attracted, you’re sick in the head imo.

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Yeah, I don’t think its a sexual attraction, or anything such people would actually pursue a relationship based on. But it still is iffy. It goes more along with people who are effected by kids of certain ages because of things that happened to themselves when they were that age. I heard someone talk about it over 30 years ago and I wish I was organized enough to keep up with the information.

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@Yellowdog Most child molesters were molested, and thats very sad.

I consider pedophiles more predatory.

If theres no sexual attraction, all good, kids are a riot. One of my favorite shows is that Steve Harvey kids show, the say the craziest things.

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Getting back on topic,

“Do you daydream about doing heroic or incredible things, or that you are a talented singer, celebrity, or politician”

Probably not many would admit to it in an answer. Maybe no one else does it. But I admit to it.

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Do you walk to school or bring your lunch?

It was a real question in the 1950’s.
If you were close enough to walk to school; you could go home for lunch.

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When you were a baby, did you ever play with (and possibly eat) your own poo?

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How about nobody would answer this simple question:

Have you ever done anything, or had happen to you, that you are glad everyone has probably forgotten about?

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@Yellowdog: That’s a great question. Ask it!

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