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How should a really good fish and chips meal taste like?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26676points) June 29th, 2019

Never been to Britain where fish and chips seemed to have originated. Recently I had fish and chips from a newly opened seafood spot nearby and enjoyed it. Made me wonder if that’s how it should really taste. Thanks.

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Crispy, hot, salty. The fist should be fresh tasting and moist. It’s usually made with a white fish like cod, haddock or plaice that isn’t too strong. Chips big and hand cut ideally. English people often put vinegar on the chips but I prefer ketchup. Used to be wrapped in newspaper but now pretty much in styrofoam packaging.

My niece and sister-in-law say it’s the best when eaten outside by the water with a plastic fork but we found that inside away from the thieving seagulls made more sense.

Does that help?

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I’ve eaten fish and chips in USA and in London.

London hands down and yes to malt vinegar.

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Your question got me hungry. I ordered out fish and chips from Joey’s Only. Extra Tar-Tar sauce.

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@janbb A big YUP! Pretty much that’s what I got today. The fish inside that crackly crispy shell was very tasty. Fresh, moist and hot.

Thanks all. :)

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Like old fish and rancid oil.

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This question takes me back to an earlier version of myself.

I haven’t had meat or fish in 33 years. People ask me if I ever miss either. The answer is always a firm “No,” but with one secret exception—fish & chips.

I grew up eating fish & chips every Friday evening, the only night of the week when the local shops were open for business. Moist, fresh whitefish was dipped into a light batter and then fried to a fluffy, golden brown, and the chips were equally delicious. Of course, I’d pour plenty of malt vinegar and salt over the entire meal.

No, I’m not about to waver on my commitment to veganism! Fish & chips will remain a fond memory from long ago.

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@Love_my_doggie Where di you grow up?

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^^^ Southeastern New England

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Like @Love_my_doggie, I have been a vegetarian for 30 years.

My experience is a little different though. I’m from the US, and I did not eat any fish at all, except for canned tuna, until I was 18. I also didn’t eat a lot of meat, because I didn’t like most of it.

When I was 18, one of my friends worked at our local fish and chips places. So I finally tried it, and it was good.

You have to eat it right away, directly out of the fryer, or else it will get soggy and have an unpleasant texture. It’s got to be crisp and hot, but also not dripping with grease.

The fish inside should be good, white cod, which is nice and flaky, and very neutral in flavor. Then you dip the batter coated fish in tartar sauce before taking a bite.

The “chips”, or French fries, should be made from whole, sliced russet potatoes, that are cut into big wedges. These also need to be consumed hot so they are crispy on the outside, and moist and tender on the inside, and sprinkled with salt immediately after being removed from the fryer. They’re good with ketchup, or vinegar, or both.

Good fish and chips need to be served and eaten immediately. This dish does not travel well, nor does it make good leftovers.

I too, do not have any plans to ever go off the vegetarian wagon, but if Beyond Meat wants to try to make a vegetarian version of fish and chips, I’d be happy to be one of the test marketers.

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