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Does being too wordy make one appear insecure? insincere? uncertain? Too willing to please? Anything else undesirable (as this wordy question may even connotate) ?

Asked by Yellowdog (10895points) June 29th, 2019

I love giving complete descriptions, explanations and definitions in writing and daily speech.

Wow. Even that is wordy.

People seem more calm and secure if they use a few clear and well placed words. And people get lost in detailed description, no matter how helpful it is.

If I use too many words, and too much description, does this come across as too talkative and annoying? Insecure?

I just want to convey a thought, feeling, ambiance, atmosphere, or explanation accurately and precisely.

I tend to over-write. I’ve written lengthy papers that actually had very little practical content, no matter how well they were written.

How about me, fellow jellies. Do I write too much?

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Um, yeah.

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Someone – it may have been Ben Franklin – said that you should never use more words than necessary.

Read some of the advice on this page

Terse is good.

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James Joyce said, “Write as if every word cost you a shilling.”

Brevity is the soul of…....

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There is a widely cited psychological experiment that showed that we can hold seven items in short term memory plus or minus two. An argument intended to be read in a single sitting without taking notes should be limited to no more than seven major points, and five would probably be a better number to shoot for.

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….Its the mark of a writer,who expresses and conveys ideas through his words.

…..Probably because one wants to be precise in his meaning.

…..As for questions on Fluther, maybe break the ideas into bullet points for easier
and faster comprehension.

…..For all other writing continue as you are doing as the more expression in
writing the more creative the ideas come and the more chance of a central
theme for a story appears.

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Just as a painter
uses a variety of
paint combinations
so a writer
uses his

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Like an overgrown trail through the jungle it probably leads somewhere but I can’t be bothered hacking my way through to find out.

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