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Why do i get a stitch in my back after doing pushups?

Asked by pyounan (3points) August 26th, 2008

It’s on the left middle of my upper back.

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It sounds to me like you’re not warming up before you exercise. Do you do any cardio before you work on your upper body? Also, you probably need to work those muscles, too. Rowing is a good exercise for the upper back. So is working out with one of those rubber tubes with handles on the end. Did wonders for me when I was having upper back trouble.

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I usually run and stretch before I do pushups. I get the stitch the following day. I’m wondering if it’s bad form of if I’m tensing up while I do the pushup. I’ll definitely try the rowing and the band exercises. Thanks!

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I would not use any of us as your unseen personal trainers. Backs are dicey; you should either have a few sessions with a Physical Therapist or Trainer. When a back goes out, it is really painful. The twinges you are feeling may be a warning. Back off.

(Don’t use us as Doctors {except Shilolo}, lawyers, Financial Advisers or Agony Aunts either.)

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@gailcalled, this is an excellent point. I got the band exercises from a PT recommended by my doctor. The proximate cause of my upper back problems was poor bike fit, but the exercises my PT gave me were targeted to the right kind of rehab for them.

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I would always seek out a doctor or PT specialist if it really concerns you. Try changing your form and consider wider and shorter ( daimond ) pushups. I agree with warming up prior to starting any exercise.

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Chances are your upper back muscles (traps, rhomboids) are already knotted up and tight from stress and daily life. Any more intense muscle contraction will likely cause the muscle to cramp or spasm. GET REGULAR MASSAGES, APPLY HEAT, AND STRETCH! :-)

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