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Is there an PDF/doc app or site that can define words?

Asked by DispossessedX10 (59points) June 30th, 2019

Is there any app or site that is good for defining words? I have tried ‘Define’ but that app does not even work.

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I just use Google for word definitions.

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Adobe has never built it into PDF Acrobat reader for a couple of reasons:

1) PDF reader(s) deal with all languages, not just English. Although there is some internationalization built into Acrobat reader, to be able to handle word definitions, there system would have to MUCH smarter in terms of context and spelling and such. To a degree that it would become unwieldy and slow.

Related to that – to look up words, the PDF reader would need to have dictionaries for each and every supported language. Which, among other things, would make it a HUGE download and an difficult upkeep job. Both facts that argue against the inclusion of a PDF viewer with a dictionary.

One thing you might try is viewing the PDF using either the Kindle or Nook reader. Both have built-dictionaries INTO THE APP, and both of them have the ability to read PDF documents.

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A couple of the better online dictionaries are:

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How about a doc or pdf app where I can copy and paste, and/or annotate?

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