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Do most children have a natural sense of rhythm?

Asked by janbb (54962points) 2 months ago

I’ve seen young children dancing at live concerts recently and so often they are dancing in time to the music. I’ve also seen this in videos. Do you think most children have a good sense of rhythm or is it that the ones who are dancing do?

Not a big issue just a fun question to ponder.

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You mean the opposite.
They can not sing, they can not dance, they have no hand-eye coordination. They are just useless.
You are just blinded by the hormones that your lizard brain produces when looking at them.

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It’s learned behavior.

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I’m strongly convinced that they do. In fact, I’m so sure of it that I push music at infants at the slightest opportunity. I can’t prove it, but I think even some animals get the feelin.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me I don’t think that’s so since I’m seeing it in kids as young as two.

@ragingloli It’s only a few that I’m blinded by my hormones over. The rest of them I eat for supper.

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I don’t think it’s strictly learned behavior either. And some kids have much better rythm than others.

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Like that kid who dances to Dirty Dancing….not just any kid could do that I don’t think.

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They’re aided by a complete lack of inhibitions, don’t care what they look like, just rock that shit.

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I think playing drums or staying in time on an instrument as having rhythm. I feel like y’all are talking more about coordination.

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I can’t answer for everyone but dancing is what came to my mind. Rhythm IS body coordination to a beat.

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People don’t just pick up actual rhythm without practice though.

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I think they do. I really think it’s innate in some people more than others.

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I’ll say no. It’s a learned after birth thing. Any kid can beat a toy drum but can they maintain the timing?

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What I’m talking about is dancing that is free but clearly in time to the rhythm of the music they are listening to.

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That’s what I assumed too. I still say some kids have it more naturally than others. Just like some kids “get” math or some kids “get” reading, or art or athletics.

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^^ Yes, I agree with you.

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If most do I was in the minority.

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Nearly all humans have a sense of rhythm.

Compared to adults, children tend to lack self-consciousness and/or self-doubt about their ability and/or various types of notions about correctness whether or how they should dance or sing.

And some children really are talented and/or haven’t been filled with self-doubts and inhibitions yet.

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“Natural” can mean ‘born with,’ which is what I was thinking when I posted my response above.

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I think things come more naturally when there are less inhibitions. Especially for something like dancing.

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…and some kids “get” climbing up door jambs!

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