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When was "You can continue to read free books you've downloaded until July 2019 when they will no longer be accessible." 1st announced? See detail.

Asked by flo (12901points) July 2nd, 2019

July 2, 2019, that’s today. Is it common knowledge? ( (no more ebooks microsoft google)
And why will they no longer be accessible?

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Looks like it was announced at the beginning of April.

Microsoft engages in “Digital Rights Management” software (which is a semi-Orwellian euphemistic term) that means its readers are sabotaged by design, to only let you see content if the software thinks you have the right to it, and to try to maintain control of that answer, it operates Internet servers that answer that question.

Well, Microsoft accountants determined Microsoft wasn’t profiting enough from a department selling ebooks, and shut down that department, including the DRM server, activating the sabotage for everyone for all books.

They’re offering a refund for people who care, notice, understand, and jump through hoops to get it, but in the case of “free” books, that means you get nothing but frustration.

“In shutting down its ebook store, Microsoft once again shows how in the modern era, you no longer actually own the things you buy.”

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Imagine if all book stores were gone, as soon as digital books appeared.

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This is just one reason I never purchase anything without access to the unlocked file that can physically reside on my drive.

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The benefits of server based DRM. Microsoft screws you for buying from them.

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It’s only Microsoft e-books, not all e-books but it does point to the problem for all e-books potentially.

The date of the announcement is clear from the article:

“Microsoft made the announcement in April that it would shutter the Microsoft Store’s books section for good. The company had made its foray into ebooks in 2017, as part of a Windows 10 Creators Update that sought to round out the software available to its Surface line. Relegated to Microsoft’s Edge browser, the digital bookstore never took off. As of April 2, it halted all ebook sales.”

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So, is there anything that could be added to the article to make it more complete or is it complete.

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