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How often do you read the ingredient list before buying something at the supermarket?

Asked by rockfan (10805points) July 3rd, 2019 from iPhone

For me, it’s second nature. What about you?

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It depends on whether I have read the list already on previous purchases. Anything new is studied religiously.

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Household is on a low-Carb diet, so yes I read them.

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Not so much, almost everything I get from the grocery store is ingredients. At home I’m just a little obsessed with eating as clean as I can.

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I always read the ingredients. Especially if it’s something processed. Which I’ve been trying to buy less of lately…

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It depends on what I’m making. I attempted to make my own Chicken Alfredo but it bombed, Luckily, I anticipated that I would fail, so I only attempted the sauce first before adding butter and pasta. So looking at some recipe didn’t help.
I ended up using canned chicken, pre-made alfredo sauce, and penne rigate.

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Not much anymore, I know what we can and can’t/should & shouldn’t have and try to avoid the “sodium” aisle, as we call it.

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Oh we buy pretty much the same things every time. However Rick does most of the shopping and often comes home with crap food and fattening shit that I don’t eat.
To get things like yogert and specialty cheeses I have to go myself.

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I’ve been a label reader for most of my life. Now days you have to read closer as they invent new words to hide the names of old words that aren’t good for you. That’s where my cell comes in handy!!!

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@Dutchess_lll Same. If he’s with me, I have an extra $50 of twinkies, Doritos and Coke. Yuck.

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^^^^ So gross!!!

I tend to only look at calorie count if I look at labels.

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If you didn’t have your phone to check would you eat something that listed that it contained the chemical lycopene on the label @LadyMarissa?

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All of the time.

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Rick bought some salsa once that boasted “No preservatives!!” It was expensive, too.
Of course within a week it was growing mold, even in the fridge, and I had to throw most of it out. I told him to just stick with the Pace stuff we usually buy.

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As a vegetarian, I pretty much have to read labels to make sure what I am getting is suitable for vegetarians.

If it is a product that I buy regularly, and know what’s in it, I don’t, but for new items, or for items that have changed (maybe new packaging, or something that says “new and improved” or something like that) I will check again.

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I’m a vegan. It’s necessary for me to read everything, even if I have bought it before.

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I read the cholesterol on almost every package when I pick it up for the first time. Sometimes I look at the sugar or sodium. It depends what I’m buying.

As far as ingredients I am less vigilant. It depends what it is, so I’ll say maybe 40% of the time I look at the ingredients.

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What are…ingredients?

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Amount of oil, sugar, salt, chemicals…every thing in the food.
What kind of a question is that?

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