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How does the belly button work?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16404points) July 3rd, 2019

Does it connect to the stomach?

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There’s a retaining screw in there that keeps your arse on.

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No, it does not. It’s a remnant from where the umbilical cord was attached during fetal development. After birth it has no function, it’s just scar tissue.

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Just a scar from when you were a tumor.

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As an adult it has no function at all, as a fetus it supplied food and oxygen to the developing fetus,through the umbilical cord.

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Lint trap.

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In pregnant women it’s a speaker the father can use to holler at the baby. Why is this in General?

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@Dutchess_III Its in general is that I wanted to know more about the belly button not just jokes.

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On oranges, its called a naval

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There is nothing to know @RedDeerGuy1…. It’s where the umbilical cord was attached when you were in utero. After you’re born it serves no other purpose.

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@Dutchess_lll How much longer from birth does it work? How does it work before birth? What is it hooked to? How do nutrients go from mother to child?

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The instant the cord is cut, within seconds of birth, it quits working.

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It’s hooked to the placenta. Nourishment from the placenta flows down the umbillical cord into the baby.
When the baby is born, and the cord is cut it begins to dry out. A scar forms under it. That scar is the belly button.
After a couple of weeks it drops off.
I remember impatiently waiting for my babie’s cord to drop off so I could take them swimming!

The mother also has to “deliver” the placenta after the baby is born.

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@Dutchess_lll Thanks. Do you recommended a scholarly book, or article, on the subject? A book for adults or researchers preferably on Amazon for the belly button or/and umbilical cord? All I can find is children’s books and jewelry.

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It is expelled from the mother within a half-hour after birth. It is still attached to the placenta, which is commonly called “the afterbirth.” With its function completed, it is no longer needed and so is discarded by the mother’s body. Yes, a new cord develops for each child.
Q. What happens to the umbilical cord… – Chicago Tribune

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How does the blood flow? It is though the kidneys or other organs?

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I have a hard time pasting links with my phone. Just look up the Wikipedia article on it. It should tell you everything you want to know.

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I think it taps into the developing intestines. It has a pulse, like a heart beat. That’s how it pumps the nutrients.

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I’ve always wanted to know why my belly button seems to be so sensitive; if I put my finger in there or press in that area, I feel a bit nauseous (it’s been that way all my life). I’m assuming that’s not normal.

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I hear its good for body shots, if you dont mind rando lint.

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