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Can we have a moment to celebrate 96 years of life?

Asked by Dutchess_lll (8113points) July 3rd, 2019

Rick’s 96 year old dad is fading. He’s in the hospital and the docs don’t even give him a week.
It’s sad but not unexpected.
He was 99% “there” all of this time until yesterday. He still lived in the house, by himself, that he and his wife raised 3 boys in.
He had a wicked sense of humor! When I first met him, 17 years ago, I asked what Rick was like as a boy.
He said “Well, he crapped too close to the house and tracked it in, but he was alright!”
He was born in 1922. It astonishes me when I think of it.
He saw his first TV in the 50s and remembers it clearly.
What that man has seen.

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A moment !

It is important to remember people that have seen so many things and some many changes.

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Rick just called me. Dad’s gone. Rick said he squeezed his hand and then just quit breathing. ;(

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I’m sorry to hear that. I’m glad you and Rick have family to get you through this hard time.

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@Dutchess_III I’m sorry for the loss but it sounds like a great life and a good death.

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I’m so sorry, Dutch. You’re right that his long life is cause for celebration (even though, of course, this is a sad time). [HUGS] to you and your family.

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Oh, @Dutchess_III, sorry for your and Rick’s loss, but I’m glad he went knowing he was so loved. And what a run he had!

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Thank you guys.
One time, about 3 years ago, we met Rick’s brother and his wife in Wichita. They had Dad with them. We weren’t far from where my son lived, so we moseyed on over there. Adrionna was about 4 at the time. Dad never got out of the van, so Onna got IN the van and crawled right up on his lap and just sat there. Dad was SOOO tickled. He never forgot to ask after her.

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May he rest in peace. Those old bones were made of steel. Amazing how those generations keep going while younger ones are dropping dead left right and center.

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Actually, for the most part, the Billionis live a long, long, long time. Unless they don’t. A few years ago he lost a grandson who was just 42 years old. He was a health nut, no drinking, no smoking, ran every morning, a good Christian. He went to run his favorite trail and just dropped dead of a massive heart attack. It was an insane shock.

3 days ago Dad was certain he was already dead. He kept telling the boys he’d seen their mother, who died in 2002, and Tom, the 42 year old grandson. He was so sure he was already dead. He didn’t believe then when they said he wasn’t.

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Condolences to you and your Rick. Your dad was lucky to have you, and vice versa. It sounds like all of you know it. May he rest in peace.

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Pulling the camper to Rick’s hometown tomorrow. Going to tap into Dad’s utilities and set up.
Memorial on Monday…and OMG Dad’s request was to be cremated! You could have knocked me over with a feather. The first family member to be cremated was his 42 year old grandson and that raised a ruckus in the family.
Good on you dad!
Then, at some point, the family has to start pulling 65 years of house apart…..over the years I have tried suggesting to Rick that we pull little things out but he became outraged.
I found Rick’s elementary school picture book in the basement and brought it home. He was really upset when I pulled it out at home.
Hell. I’ve been offloading my important stuff to my kids a bitb at a time for the last 10 years. My mom did the same.

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This post made me miss Mr. B.H.

I really wish he lived to be 110 at least. Born in 1920 and passed away at 91. We all thought he would make it to 100. Such a fun, loving gentleman. I never heard him say anything bad about anybody. He was never mean nor crass with any of the subjects of his criticism.

Long as I live I would carry with me the rich stories he told of his life as a young man, a husband, father and his career as a scientist for the US Military. He was part of the group who launched the first US satellite in space. Man, I just wish I could sit down with him over dinner again. I’m 55 years younger but he always drank more red wine than me. Lol

He was laid to rest with his wife at Arlington Cemetery. I’m hoping I could visit him again one day. Whenever I hear that another person of his generation had left….it’s heartbreaking.

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My Condolences @Dutchess_lll ,96 is a good run,
I’m pretty sure I won’t make it that far.

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I’m so sorry, Dutch. Glad Rick was there for him. Hope you’ve had lots of opportunities to share many moments with family and friends over the last few days.

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Thanks so much guys! I’d love to hear stories about people in your family who lived to a great age. Dad told us that as a kid growing up he as all OVER Pittsburg, in the 20’s and 30s. It was mostly farm land and pastures then, and they were always barefoot.

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We’re at the house now…..

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My grandmother, the dear sweet woman that she was, lived to be 97. Then she just faded away. May we all be so lucky to pass on that way.

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We drove through the cemetary where his family is buried. I asked Rick if he wanted to be buried there. He said no, he doesn’t want to be buried at all (yay!)
I said “Just toss ya in the recycle bin?”
He said “No! You don’t want another one like ME!”

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I’m home. Rick’s cousin showed me a video of Dad, the day before he died, saying good bye to his 3 boys. He said, “So long boys. So long boys. I’ll see you at the pearly gates.”

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