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What month, in your opinion, is best for a high school reunion?

Asked by rockfan (10805points) July 4th, 2019 from iPhone

I just learned that my high school reunion is going to be held on November 29th, the day after Thanksgiving. I think it’s the worst possible date. And I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone, because everyone else seems to be okay with it. What are your thoughts?

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During Thanksgiving weekend sounds like a bad plan to me.

It is a fortune to travel. It’s extremely crowded on the roads and in the airports. Hotels are probably very full and expensive. Some people obsess about shopping on that day, which I think is awful, but it is a tradition and having to get ready for, and go to a reunion would interfere with Black Friday shopping traditions. People plan to be with family over that weekend, not schoolmates. Not only the nuclear family, but extended family also. Some people have to work on Black Friday, it is one of the few days of the year that it is completely impossible for some workers to take off. Hotels, retail, restaurants, it’s quite a large group of people who have to work, no exceptions.

The one thing I will say, is the people planning it I am sure are doing a lot of work, and trying their best. I guess the date works best for them, and since they have stepped up, they get to choose.

Is it a smallish town school? I can’t imagine an urban or large suburban school picking this date.

It reminds me of when my SIL chose the late summer for her sons baptism. Two weeks later and the flight would have cost me half. Instead of $800 each ticket, it would have been $400, because the tourism season would have ended. The weather would have been about the same, and no one in the family had small school age children that had to be home when school started. I was in my early 20’s just starting to earn a living, so that was a big deal for me financially, and in fact no one was rolling in money, and we were all flying internationally on my husband’s side of the family

I’ve also heard of weddings being done over holiday weekends. I think they think people won’t have to take a day off from work, but it just isn’t true for a lot of people, and it is more expensive to travel. It just depends on each person’s particular situation I guess.

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I agree. Last year I went to a wedding that was for the day before Thanksgiving. It was held at the New York Botanical Garden, and that was the only day available. It worked out okay for me. I stayed at my brother’s home, which was much closer, and the next day we celebrated Thanksgiving at his place.

The best time for a school reunion would be in September, the start of the school year.

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Reunion committees often choose Thanksgiving because “people are home”. That often works out well for a fifth, but is lousy for a 20th, because many people stop going “home” for Thanksgiving as they create their own family traditions.

A great time I have found from being on the committee for the last few reunions is late September. Travel is easy, people aren’t conflicted with vacations, weather is generally good.

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Bad time. That is the best time for families to visit and take trips.

That date is only best for singles and people with no family plans. (Look at the demographics of the committee)

My reunions were in July.

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I can’t add to what @jleslie said. She has very valid reasons not to have it the day after Thanksgiving.

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June or October.

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We had several reunions the weekend of Thanksgiving, people were coming back to the family home for Thanksgiving anyway. Pizza party Friday at a community center or condo rec room, pizza were provided at cost by one of the classmates (he ran a couple of Italian restaurants). Formal meal and dance at country club on Saturday.

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It really depends on how widely spread out your classmates are. Where I went to high school, most people stayed in town (except for me!) and they, in general, are around. So the specific timing doesn’t matter much.

In some places, people left the small towns to move to the big city, and traveling back is a big chore, so summer break is better.

I agree that Thanksgiving is a really poor option.

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August, during summer break, when the schools are empty, so you can have your wild party at your former school, where you binge drink until you fall unconscious in a pool of your own vomit, and once you are all done, the only witness to your collective activities, will be an ever present and all covering thin film of middle aged sweat and fecal matter.

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School reunions are for lonely, shallow morons.
I kept in touch with friends from school already, no reason to rock up & meet those I either loathed or had no interest in at all.

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@ucme Just asking, wasn’t that everybody?

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May could be a good month. However, I agree with @ucme. Reunions are a chance fir big-headed people to show off and brag about their successful lives. They are all about nasty curiosity ongoing competition. Those who really care about one another have made the effort to keep in touch.

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Ours is in October. Usually we get a good turn out from those living far away.

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