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Do you know anyone or anyone who knows anyone that has been sued for downloading copyrighted material?

Asked by Magnus (2871points) August 26th, 2008

It seems like alot of people get sued by the big companies, but I never hear of any. Do you?

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No they don’t. Only the ones that have no idea what’s happening get caught.


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I know, only LimeWire users who shares everything and never turn off their pc get pinched, but everyone has n00blet friends.

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I think people should educate themselves about piracy, if you get caught you deserve it.
btw magnus, yup that’s me on yay ;)

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I’m on yay too, but I have no idea what it is =/

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Last year in my country (Singapore), there was this big case splashed all over the media, a group of users has been illegally downloading anime from the net. I’m not sure if they used P2P softwares or just plain downloading but the distributor company eventually sued everyone of them, even though one of the internet service providers refused to provide their customers’ identities due to infringement of privacy, in the end the high court overruled that all service providers are to provide all info to the parent company instead that holds the main creative copyrights.

This is how strict it is, even in Asia.

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