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Are there "rules" to avatar use on Fluther?

Asked by Snoopy (5798points) August 26th, 2008

I searched and found nothing in previously asked Qs

Specifically, I never see moving, flashing, blinking avatars, etc.

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Animated gifs are not supported
lol, earthworm jim, i loved that game!

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Please. I have enough moving, blinking and flashing in my life. I like what Henry Higgins called “The silence of an undiscovered tomb.”

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For the love of God, no moving avatars, please!

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Hmm. Enough flashing eh. Interesting…

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you dont see “moving flashing or blinking avatars” because gifs dont work. Well they do, but it will only show the first frame. The only real rule i can think of, is dont make it obscene, other than that, whatevers clever.

(lol i typed this all up a while ago and forgot to hit Answer!)

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Funny, I was actually waiting for you to reply jim.

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Daloon seems to get away with something that looks much like an ass… and I haven’t felt the need to hack my way to seeing it full size…

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@O’Sullivan: once in NYC, on a broad and populated avenue, in broad daylight, by a man while driving the car. I thought he wanted to ask me for directions. I started to laugh, and he drove away, altho the car was weaving a little. Some guys are really gits.

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@ben: It’s a huge, tattooed ass.

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LOL @ Daloon’s tattoo ass avatar.

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I get motion sickness.

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Dalloon’s bum has an overlay of the map of the world, but I am having trouble finding Yemen. I’d probably choose an atlas.

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Sueanne_Tremendous is the only person that I know of that has been asked to change hers. Apparently it was a little racy. I’m still kinda bummed that I didn’t see it before she changed it.

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@jp It was hot. You missed out.

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@Marina :: Boooooo

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I too am normally not a fan of the overly active avatar.

That being said, I have an avatar that I wanted to use for election day only.

(a donkey and an elephant taking turns whacking each other on the head with mallets)

Sadly, it seems the collective will have to find a way to move forward without my motivational images. Be strong, people!

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Avatar Rule #1: Don’t tease Aang about being played by a bald woman.

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@ Peter: huh?

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@ Snoopy:

In a late episode, Aang (the Avatar) went incognito to a play based on his adventures. He was played by an annoyingly perky Peter-Pan-like woman wearing a bald wig.

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Wow. Peter that was way beyond me…..thanks for explaining….

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