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Is Cracked still making new content?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16421points) July 6th, 2019

Mad magazine will stop making new content. Will Cracked still make new content?
R.I.P. Alfred E. Newman.

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They quit publishing Cracked in 2006 or 2007.

But it was never as good as Mad

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I am sad to hear about the end of Mad. I wonder what that says about us as a society. Has life become so absurd that it can no longer be satirized?

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I remember reading it in the mid 1950’s.

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The magazine is no longer in existence; however, they are still alive & kicking on their website .

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@LostInParadise Do we really need it when we have a 13 year old in the white house?

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@LostInParadise “I am sad to hear about the end of Mad. I wonder what that says about us as a society. Has life become so absurd that it can no longer be satirized?”

More than anything it’s probably just another causality of declining periodical sales across the board. To that point it’s current circulation is about 1/ 20th of what it was at its peak.

And many of the artists and writers most identified with Mad are ether dead or getting up there in years. Dick DiBartolo is in his 70s. Larry Siegel is 94. Mort Drucker is 90. Al Jaffee is almost 98. Sergio Aragones is in his 80s. Duck Edwing, Don Martin and Antonio Prohias are all dead.

Sad to see it go, but Mad is from a bygone era and I think its time has passed.

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I heard that they would keep is online and offer a digital subscription to upgrade to more online apps users etc

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According to an article by Michael Cavna

“Mad will begin disappearing from newsstands, though it will remain available to subscribers and through comic shops. After this fall, the magazine will produce no new content, except for the end-of-year specials. All issues after that will be republished content culled from 67 years of publication, and Mad will continue to publish books and special collections, multiple people told The Post. DC declined a request for comment.”

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R.I.P. Sylvester P. Smithe.

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Cracked and Mad were very similar. Cracked still has a website, so they’ll be around. And will be coming up with new material.

It seems like that when I was a kid, Cracked magazine was a little more “PG” kid-friendly. Mad was a little more college. The equivalency of mooning someone. That kind of humour.

But both had a lot of innuendo and a strict parent would find inappropriate for kids. That’s what we liked about them.

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