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Yall are gonna hate me for this but i gotta ask...

Asked by Fallenangel (260points) August 26th, 2008

Pros and cons of anal sex?
One of my friends wants to try it, and im not to keen on putting myself into that area of her…..

is there something i should be worried about?

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Sounds like a potentially sexually incompatible partnership. I would say stay true to your personal comfort level.

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it was once described to me for the person receiving it that it’s like the relaxation of taking a fat dump. Once its over, just that feeling like awww, i feel so light right now.

Some do it for the pleasure of pain and do it rough, raunchy and for domination factor.

The person giving just a very tight hole to stick.

Anal sex for the person receiving it has full trust that the person giving it will take their time and will not hurt them.

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Ah, friends with benefits.

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My motto is to try everything at least once (within reason of course). But if you’re not really into it then don’t do it.

Some people love it, others hate it. I agree with Marina, stay true to yourself.

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Pro: no chance of pregnancy.
Con: good chance of pain.
Pro: tight hole (if this matters).
Con: hole will no longer be tight after you do this for a while.
Pro: the illicit thrill of doing something “dirty”
Con: hemorrhoids

Of course, there’s also an increased chance to contract an STD…and I suspect there’s a chance of damaging your penis (particularly if you’re on the larger side) and/or tearing your foreskin (if you’re uncircumsized). But I ran out of pros.

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My PA friend says that Anal sex CAN feel very good. Your anus is connected by other muscles and skin to the rest of your genitalia, this goes for both male or female, and that makes for heightened and different sexual sensations.And as far as cleanliness, it’s no dirtier than vaginal. Just different.

Even 60 years ago, oral sex wasn’t thought natural—except by illicit women and men.

If you try it, just read up on it and go slow….

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Almost forgot: apparently good lubrication is vital to the process. But if you’re not really comfortable with it, definitely don’t do it.

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32 mostly useful responses from the same question asked last week. Anal sex.

@Seeker; What are “illicit women and men”?

As I have already said, I tried it once, got scratched, got a fistula and had to have surgery. Fun? Not really.

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@gail, can’t believe I missed that one!

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If it makes you feel any better, just wear a rubber. This way, you might get past the feeling of “touching” that “part of her.”

Do what’s comfortable for you; no one can force you to do anything that you are flat-out not up for.

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galicalled, “illicit’ as in unlawful—in most states oral sex was unlawful, in some states it still is…

I’m sorry you got injured during your try. Perhaps another person can research it, be careful, and really enjoy it. I understand you don’t like it. But some folks don’t like French kissing because they got bite, got an infection, and had surgery. Yet others do… to each their own.

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@Seeker: I understand illicit to mean unlawful..but not what illicit men and women meant..

True about individual state laws against sodomy – rarely enforced however.

I would wager that there are fewer surgeries from French kissing than from anal sex.

How many Flutherers have got bite, infected and needed surgery due to French kissing?

The opinion I rendered was my own and not a sweeping indictment. Questioner asked for “cons.” My experience ranks right up there.

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Before birth control, Anal Sex was quite popular with women who did not wish to get pregnant.

August 27, 2008, 2:19 AM EDT

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You know how you can tell the difference between an oral thermometer and a rectal one? The taste.
Sorry. I just like telling that joke and it’s kinda relatable to the subject.

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I’ve been told that male homosexuals have anal sex, quite frequently.

August 27, 2008, 6:54 AM EDT

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My two close male couple friends (4 men-two couples) do not have anal sex. They all decided that they don’t care for the discomfort and agree that they garner no pleasure from it. So that is my data-base; no statistical margin for error in it.

Jack; Who told you? Passive voice allows one to render any opinion. I’ve been told that a lot of flutherers find the time/date stamp really annoying, for example. Proveable? No.

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Gail, then what kind of sex do they have?

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Oral and manual, quite frequently and happily. Both couples have been together for at least 16 years.

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I’m guessing anal didn’t go over well the first time.

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I have no idea. We have talked about the general behavior and not the time-line.

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im not gay…...

but i dont think its gonna happen
shes been yellin at me alot, so im just gonna drop her…..

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I love these mature relationship questions.

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Sometimes the ”oops, wrong hole” theory works.
Strategic planning my friend!

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As they say in the navy, There is no wrong hole.

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shes really abusive and pushy

today she blamed me for her almost killing her little sister because i distracted her when she was feeding her.
Im 4 hours away and i wasnt even talking to her

im just tired of her crap ya know

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@Fallen: TMI

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Direct from fourth-grade recess: “How do you catch a polar bear? Chop a hole in the ice, and sprinkle a bunch of peas around it. When he tries to take a pea, kick him in the ice-hole!”

Just as relevant.


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Or more so.

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@knot—My eight year old son told me that joke, but the punchline was, “Kick him in the pea-hole.”

I still laugh when I think about it.

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Guys assholes are supposed to have more elasticity than a woman’s. Is that true, Jack?

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Grow up. It’s just another hole. If your not enjoying it. then just do it really hard and she will never ask again…....maybe….. Simple…problem solved.

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wow…. ok

Imma stop following this one…..

I never thought I would here someone on here say “Grow up and put it in her butt”....... I do apologize that I find it weird. Guess I’m just not an adult because I’m fine with normal sex, who woulda guessed ey?

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I don’t see the excitement either, I think it’s up to two people to decide.

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Real ladies-man, aren’t you, Sunday?

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This post is a goldmine for “great answers.” I think I just passed out 50 lurve.

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This topic is far scarier than I thought it would be.
I’m very much with you Fallen. I don’t see how it could enrich my life any further to try anal, much in the same way I don’t think my life would be enriched by trying a donkey punch.
I work with alot of people whose favourite motto is, “every hole is a goal”.
My motto, “Don’t be a prat, do what you want at the end of the day”.

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@BioMystro, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! And equating it with a donkey punch is like equating eating Thai food with eating something nasty on a dare. One is an acquired taste that is not for everybody, and the other is an ill-conceived frat boy maneuver.

I find the amount of anal hate in this thread disconcerting. If you’ve never done it, and never plan on doing it, keep your “yuckies!” answers to yourself. I think they scared away the questioner!

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@ tone no what scared me away was the “Grow up and put it in her butt” answer, the rest was quite helpful.

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If you are not keen on it you probably will not be able to pull it off.You will feel things that aren’t there and the bad thoughts will take over the pleasureable thoughts.

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