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Human adult males of Earth, is your Gentlemen's Special Interest Literature folder on your PC still named "homework"? [nsfw]?

Asked by ragingloli (46769points) July 7th, 2019

Or have you renamed it to something else.
What have you renamed it to?

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I named it “porn”.

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I actually have a folder called “art”

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In high school I had a folder called “DO NOT OPEN” lol

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No need to be deceptive.

Mine is in a folder labelled “Windows system backup”. No one would ever look there.

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(I don’t have one. Really! Is there something wrong with me?)

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I don’t bother with one either. Consequently I would LOVE to swap computers with loli for an hour or so, following a wager on which of us would be bored to distraction.

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You would be bored, because you would get a thoroughly wiped machine.

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