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If political views are based on DNA, should being a Trump supporter be considered a birth defect?

Asked by filmfann (47121points) July 7th, 2019
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LOL!! I can’t wait to see the answers you get from this, but careful they will claim it’s nothing but hate against the right.
Let the games begin!

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Good heavens, no! It’s more of a after birth thing, like a frontal lobotomy.

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If so, it’s in very poor taste to poke fun at them. Such people have a valid point in their stipulation that the rest of us have an urgent requirement to understand why so many have arrived at the Trump altar.

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@stanleybmanly ”...the rest of us have an urgent requirement to understand why so many have arrived at the Trump altar.”

The explanation is simple. The Democratic Party has abandoned the working class, and embraced big money. Carter was probably the last real Democratic President. Every year the working class is getting a smaller share of the country’s wealth. Conservative policy has driven this change, but the Democratic Party has been bought off to prevent any resistance to these economic policies.

You have a working class that’s increasingly desperate for major change, who are very susceptible (like in previous generations) to messages of scapegoating immigrants. You have a Democratic Party that’s desperate to sabotage any populist candidates on the real left (like Bernie) because that’s the real reason for the millions they receive in corporate donations.

I think we could easily see 8 years of Trump, if the Democratic leadership does the the real job their being bribed to do, that’s to stop any shift to the left on economic policy.

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Very interesting. Perhaps there is a liberal gene and a conservative gene. These two different ways of looking at the world may have been beneficial to ensuring the survival of our species in the dark ages of our development. In certain times in our evolution it may have been better to group together into a village (liberals) and in other times spread out on our own as individuals (conservatives).

If being a conservative is a defect, I’m proud and lucky to have it.

“Liberalism is a mental disorder.” -Michael Savage

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I think it’s 100% nurture. Get ‘em while their brains are still developing and brain wash them with utter bullshit that they aren’t old enough to question.

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I couldn’t read the article because I hate having to link social platforms or my email to something I’m only going to read once, but I agree with something Kamala Harris recently said. We all have one thing in common. When we wake up in the middle of the night, we all have the same concerns, how are we going to eat, or live or our health or health of a love one. We all have the same wants. We just all disagree on how to get it and what may be in our way and what will help.
Overall though, I think people just follow what they know. They tend to be what ever their family and friends are unless they never trusted their views from the beginning because it contradicted their personality, or till they learn to think and reason for differently once they move away and go to school and meet people unlike what they knew all their lives.

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Even if they move away it’s harder than hell to retrain yourself. You have to be motivated.
Rick tends to say things like “He’s went…” and “I seen….” and it sets my teeth on edge.
People tend to want to blame the school system, but I maintain that family and culture override anything we may be taught in school.
This hit me hard when we ate at a locally famous place called Chicken Mary’s. Been around since the 40s.
Several businesses placed ads on the menu. In the middle.of the menu it reads “Tell the businesses you seen their ads on our menu!”
* runs sobbing from the resturaunt. *

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BTW… I made a comment about this on their FB page. To my surprise they thanked me and said they’d talk to the publisher…we shall see!

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