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Is wearing a machine washable woolen dress for 100 days in a row a challenge?

Asked by flo (12901points) July 7th, 2019
The premise was simple: we provide a dress, and the participant wears it one hundred days in a row. No other guidelines. To our delight, we had fifty women take on the challenge, and thirteen complete it. We were eager to hear the results. One customer in particular stunned us with her revelation at the end of her hundred days, and her testimony alone will keep us motivated for years to come.”
If it’s a challenge why, and if it’s not why not?
And why “100 days in a row”?

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Not too many years ago, like in 1914, laundry cleaning and bathing (once a week) was a bit of a luxury and women/girls wore an additional piece of cloth around their necks and over their shoulders to keep their hair from overly dirtying their clothes.
I would think if a woman these days would want to wear any kind of dress for 100 days, they should keep themselves and their hair clean, keep their hair off and/or out of the way so it doesn’t rest on the dress, and I suppose they wouldn’t want to eat while wearing the dress, or do something to keep any crumbs, drips, splashes of food off. And don’t be wearing the dress when they put on make-up and/or spray their hair.

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@kritiper, nowhere does it say they couldn’t wash it. The “challenge” here is not varying the main wardrobe piece.

I think the idea of a challenge here solely rests on how you would feel not having the variety. For me, that wouldn’t be a problem as long as it was seasonally comfortable. I really don’t care what I wear most of the time.

Too bad I’m allergic to wool.

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Well, then, there should be no problem wearing it. It would be the same as wearing a uniform.

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Doesn’t look like much of a challenge unless you are a guy. HA!

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Better link: (google/wearing unwashed clothes 100 days in a row)

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This is not a challenge except to popular misconceptions about wool. Wool garments, in general, don’t really need to be washed much if ever, even if worn often. Wool is naturally resistant to picking up dirt & sweat, and also has antimicrobial & antibacterial properties. The best way to clean any 100% wool garment is to just air it outside for a day or two and spot clean with a damp cloth if necessary.

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@flo, you are changing the parameters of the question.

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@wildpotato I don’t know but I think people who find it a challenge also find it a challenge with any other material, in developed countries, anyway.
I wonder if people who manufacture other materials claim the same thing?

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@kritiper I suppose you must have heard the news of the challenge in the last few days. (google, wool and prince 100 days in a row not washing)
@gondwanalon You mean guys like fresh clothes, and /or like doing laundry, and they’d find it too boring, or they’re more superficial than women?

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No. Wool doesn’t smell with wear unlike cotton or (particularly) man made fibres.

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